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Craig Mullins: "My style is a sum of hundreds of influences, and a few (just a few) ideas that I came up with. I think that in a way way, my everyday life contributes a little. I'm a bit of a dinosaur, and I don't want to think too carefully about the wisdom of using these great new digital tools to produce work that was cutting edge 150 years ago.

The idea of 'originality of concept' being the highest value in art is a legitimate one, but there are other ways to look at things. The master apprentice model is as good a way as any. But being labeled a 'revolutionary' is sexy. I guess I am just not."

Craig Mullins: "I like learning new things -- not just about art, but the world in general. The more I know, the better. Except composition, the more I know about composition, the less able I am to compose well!"

Craig Mullins: "This one is typical for me. I started on it, it looked hideous, and I saved it to a massive directory called "unfinished" where pictures that I am not happy with go to either die or maybe come out again when I have an idea of how to fix them.

It went through that process several times, and then one day it finally worked. No idea why, or any big revelation. Setting them aside for periods of time to let my subconscious work on the them can help. Just forget about it for a while; might figure it out, might not."


Craig Mullins: "This is from a series that grew out of nothing, and there is no story behind it. The common thread is a lady in a black Victorian dress wearing Mickey Mouse ears with a young boy traveling around some kind of air/spaceport. I have done about 5, don't know if I will do anymore.

I have been trying to use Painter and Photoshop together, or really switching back and forth, using both at their strengths. For this one I took my own advice and used a screen grab from a 3D program to get the basic convergence."


Craig Mullins: "The pirate images that I do could be one part vicarious living, one part figure study, one part tongue in cheek. I try not to take illustration too seriously, and these are just me having fun. I love the Brandywine tradition of storytelling, and I believe these fit into that genre.

But to keep the viewer interested, I think there has to be some ambiguity involved. When I can load up an image with things that support a variety of storylines it draws the viewer into the image. It is also a lot more challenging than spelling out everything

Image Credits :
Down Knight
(Top Right)

Hovership Walk (Middle Right)
The Pirate Fight

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