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Elemental advisory board member Pascal Blanché shares his insight into the realm of 3D art today. Starting out as an art student in southern France, Blanché is now a prominent art director in one of the worlds biggest gaming conglomerates, Ubisoft. Recognized as one of the most popular contemporary digital artists of the twenty-first century, Blanché talks about the path that led him here.

Blanché is well known in 3D circles all over the world and he brings a rich and varied experience in fine arts to the Elemental advisory board. He is currently working for Ubisoft, Montréal, as art director for Myst IV: Revelation , the fourth in the cult adventure game series, MYST . Now, following on from his earlier stint with Ballistic on the advisory board for EXPOSÉ 1 , Ballistic Publishing is delighted to welcome Blanché on board for Elemental . A joint initiative of Ballistic Publishing and Discreet, Elemental is a new art book focusing on images created with Discreet's software.

Blanché started on the path towards a career in art/design for games at the Art School of Luminy, Marseille, which provided him with a classical grounding for his CG work.

Early on he freelanced for TILT magazine , one of the early video games magazines. Then, since 1994, he has worked in modeling, concept art, texturing, lighting and animation for various French gaming companies.

As an artist Blanché has had to perform well in a variety of roles in the games development industry, but he still treats illustration and design as an artistic process and continually strives for better illustrations. "I got into the gaming industry early, when companies were small and artists had to be able to multitask. I think it was during that period that I started to think about the big picture. What makes a good illustration? What do I need to take time on? Where should I be spending my energy?

In 2000 I moved to Canada where I first worked on Kæna: The Prophecy as lead animator before joining Ubisoft's ever-growing Montréal studio to work on Myst IV ."

Blanché is excited by the content and quality of digital art being produced worldwide. He was also an Advisory Board member for EXPOSÉ 1 and eagerly anticipated playing a part in the production of Elemental . "It was really interesting to be part of the first art book published by Ballistic. I am always on the lookout for new art and ideas - it was like paradise! Because it was a premiere for the international CG community, we received tons of illustrations, most of them deserving to be in the final list.

"It's amazing to see the talent being showcased these days. I think we are at a time where people have stopped being limited by technology and really push their art regardless of whether it's 2D or 3D. More and more comments on forums are about composition, lighting, balance and far less are about purely technical matters. What's more, it is beginning to be really difficult to guess which country artists are from. I notice that all the CG artists around the world seem to share the similar imagery. Interesting isn't it?"

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Recon (Top Right)
ArcanumXIII (Middle Right)

Armored Suit (Middle Left)
Snailmaster (Middle Right 2)
Mars (Bottom)

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