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Asked how he would describe his own visual style, Blanche is noncommittal. "I have so many influences that my style really depends on the moment I create a new illustration.

I think that what remains in all my works is the 'painted' touch I keep looking for. I'm never really satisfied by what is produced directly from 3D software. I like to tweak the lighting, colors and textures a bit with 2D software and turn the all image into something more appealing."

The distinctive style and themes in Blanché's work are strongly influenced by the sci-fi and fantasy literature and imagery. "As far as I can remember I've always been fascinated by the magic that lies behind science fiction and fantasy worlds. As a kid I was big fan of Ray Harryhausen's movies; then Star Wars came out - you know, the usual.

Since this time, I've never stopped reading comic books and art books. My personal library is full of Moebius's novels, Frazetta art books, Corben, Mignola, Bisley, Otomo - you name it, I read it. I think the biggest influences on my art are those classic old-fashioned visual styles that come from seventies comic books and magazines..."

What advice does Blanché have for aspiring digital artists? "Know how to finish a job. That's not as easy as you might think, because it forces you realize and acknowledge your actual limitations. This is not a bad thing, because it will help you close the gap between what you have in mind and what you can actually achieve.

The more experience you give yourself, the closer your work will be to what you see in your mind..."

Blanché also encourages artists to use public forums and other platforms to improve their work. Posting one's own art or being featured in online galleries, such as CGTalk or Raph 3D Artists are undoubtedly great ways to improve one's art through feedback from other artists.

Public galleries also help artists gain exposure. As Blanché, who has artwork featured on both CGTalk and in EXPOSÉ 1 explains , "Obviously it also helps to showcase your work to companies potentially interested in your work. And books like the EXPOSÉ series and Elemental achieve the same, but in high quality print! "


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