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Roughly two years ago, a mysterious young girl stunned the Jiang-Hu (martial arts underworld) scene with her lightning fast scythe fighting technique and her ethereal beauty. Many men admired her beauty, yet they also feared her skills.

She is aloof and dislikes attention, but despite her petite frame and her avoidance of crowds, her presence is hardly inconspicuous, due to the seven-foot scythe she wields, and an entourage that consisted of a pack of wild wolves.

This one was painted in Painter and Photoshop. It took a long time due to the amount of detail. I really ought to switch to a more relaxed style that's not so highly rendered. Her dress was especially hard to paint, and I had to study a lot of satin/silk references to get it right.

The wolves took a long time too, but were much easier in comparison.

This one was done 50% in Photoshop and 50% in Painter. I just kept both applications open and switched between the two when I felt necessary.

I was never a fan of Painter, but I've always wanted to get to know it better. After this painting, I feel more comfortable with it, and should be using it as much as I use Photoshop from now on.

I originally wanted jewelry, but during the painting, I worked on it without the jewelry, and kind of preferred it more. So, here are both versions.

Many people mentioned that she looks like Jennifer Connolly. Truth is, I'm a huge fan of Jen. Funny thing is, Jen didn't cross my mind a single time as I painted this.

I think that she ended up looking like Jen because Jen is one of my ideal types, and when painting a fictional female character, one tends to shape her into one's own personal ideal. In my case, the Princess ended up looking like Jen.


Image Credits :
Scythe Wolf
(Top Left & Middle)

Melancholic Princess (Bottom Right)


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