Character Modeling 3
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d'artiste: Character Modeling 3 presents the techniques of leading character modelers Jan-Bart van Beek, Giovanni Nakpil, and Cesar Dacol Jr. Each master artist showcases his approaches and techniques in modeling characters and creatures for film and game projects through expansive graphic tutorials.

Jan-Bart van Beek of Guerrilla Games takes you behind the scenes of creating characters for the blockbuster PlayStation 3 game 'Killzone 2' with tutorials on workflows for creating character heads and the creation of the Helghast Sniper character class.

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The Authors
Cesar Dacol Jr. Jan-Bart van Beek Giovanni Nakpil
Cesar Dacol Jr.   Jan-Bart van Beek   Giovanni Nakpil

Publishing Information
ISBN #: Limited Edition:
978-1-921002-66-3 / Slip cased: 978-1-921002-67-0
Pages: 208 pages (Slipcased) / 208 pages (Limited Edition)
: Cesar Dacol Jr, Jan-Bart van Beek, Giovanni Nakpil
Publishers: Daniel Wade, Mark Snoswell

Character Modeling 3 Limited Edition

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