d'artiste: Digital Painting
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d'artiste: Digital Painting showcases the work and technical skills of: Linda Bergkvist, John Wallin, Philip Straub and Robert Chang. Each Master Artist presents their personal techniques through a series of tutorials starting with an original concept and stepping through their digital painting process to completion.
In chapters based around each artist, Digital Painting includes personal and invited artist galleries, together with thoughts and inspiration shared by the artists.  Over 80-pages of tutorial and more 100 digital paintings from some of the most talented digital artists in the world make this book a necessity for all digital artists


Linda Bergkvist Linda Bergkvist
Linda Bergkvist is an awardwinning artist from Sweden whose digital paintings have been featured in both editions of EXPOSÉ. Linda won two master awards in EXPOSÉ 1 in the categories of Character in Repose 2D and Character in Action 2D and a Master award in EXPOSÉ 2 in the Fantasy category.
Philip Straub Rob Chang John Wallin
Philip Straub
Philip Straub’s body of traditional and digital work spans more than 10 years and covers mediums such as children’s books, CDROMs, and console games.
  Rob Chang
Rob Chang was born in Taiwan in 1972, immigrating to the US in 1984. He has been drawing and painting pretty much all his life.
  John Wallin
Since his childhood in Sweden, John Wallin has been interested in drawing and painting.

Publishing Information
ISBN #: Limited Edition:
978-1-921002-17-4 / Slip cased: 978-0-975096-5-0
Pages: 192
: Linda Bergkvist, John Wallin, Philip Straub and Robert Chang
Publishers: Mark Snoswell, Daniel P. Wade

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