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Learn Digital Painting techniques from four of the world's top digital artists and see the CG art that inspires them.
Following  the success of the first Digital Painting book Ballistic Publishing has partnered with Daniel Dociu, Mélanie Delon, Don Seegmiller and Marta Dahling to create a second, 208 page volume featuring 12 detailed tutorials and even more inspirational artwork.
D'artiste Digital Painting 2 will give you great instruction as well as tips on handling Photoshop and Painter from four artist's renowned for their character, creature and environment painting.

Free bonus prints with Limited Editions*
d'artiste Digital Painting 2 prints
*A set of four bonus prints are yours free when you purchase d'artiste: Digital Painting 2 Limited Edition.
Each print is 220x297mm and finished to the highest quality standard.

1. Don Seegmiller Red Queen
2. Mélanie Delon Elixir

3.Daniel Dociu Destroyer (‘Guild Wars’ © ArenaNet, Inc./NCSoft Corporation)
4. Marta Dahling Umbrella Sky

The Authors

Daniel Dociu Marta Dahlig
Daniel Dociu   Marta Dahling

Don Seegmiller Mélanie Delon
Don Seegmiller   Mélanie Delon

Limited Edition

Publishing Information
ISBN #: Limited Edition:
978-1-921002-56-4 / Slip cased: 978-1-921002-57-1
Pages: 208
: Daniel Dociu, Marta Dahling, Don Seegmiller, Mélanie Delon
Publishers: Mark Snoswell, Daniel P. Wade

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