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d'artiste Character Modeling 2 - Ballistic Publishing is proud to

announce the fifth title in its d'artiste Digital Artists Master

Class series. d'artiste: Character Modeling 2 features three of the

community's leading digital artists demonstrating their techniques

and approaches. More than just tricks and techniques, d'artiste

delves into each artist's overall approach, their choice of subject

matter and what inspires them.

Pictured: d'artiste Digital Painting Limited Edition
Call For Entries - We are now calling for artists to submit digital images for consideration to be included in d'artiste Character Modeling 2. Images can be created in any 3D application. We are interested in digitally-created 3D characters whether they are for commercial use, or personal satisfaction. There is no cost, or limit, to enter and the artists who have work selected for inclusion in the book will enjoy worldwide exposure in the world's premium collection of digital artwork. In addition, Artists whose work is selected will receive a free copy of the book.

d'artiste Character Modeling 2 Entry Deadline: Noon, Monday November 27th 2006 GMT

  d'artiste: Character Modeling 2
Call for Entries Deadline: Noon, Monday November 27th 2006

The Artists
Leading character modelers Zack Petroc, Kevin Lanning, and Timur "Taron" Baysal each take you behind the scenes of their character development showing you the techniques that will take your character modeling skills to the next level. Step-by-step techniques show you how to improve your face modeling, skin shading, facial hair and body modeling among many other tutorials.

The community
The d'artiste series is part of Ballistic Media's strategy to help build the digital arts community by raising the profile of leading artists. In addition to their Master Class material, each artist will choose a range of work submitted by the community that inspires or illustrates a technique that is of interest to them. This makes the d'artiste series unique in that it combines the technical insights of top artists with a glimpse of leading work from the digital illustration community.
The d'artiste series
The d'artiste imprint (pronounced dah-tee-st) means both "of the artist" and "digital artist". Each d'artiste title will feature techniques and approaches of a small group of Master Artists. However, the focus of d'artiste books will not be limited to just techniques and technical tricks. In addition, we also showcase galleries of their own work and other artists' paintings that inspire them. In combination with artist interviews this mix of content gives the reader a comprehensive and personal insight into the Master Artists-their approaches, their techniques, their influences and their works.

Ballistic Publishing plans to expand the d'artiste series to encompass all aspects of digital content creation... character design, compositing, 3D modeling, animation, texturing, lighting, photo illustration, etc.

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Outstanding Quality
Ballistic Publishing books are renowned worldwide for their outstanding quality. Every image included in a Ballistic Publishing book is color-corrected to ensure that the transfer from the computer monitor to paper is the best possible.