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How to Submit Artwork for Consideration You can only submit images by FTP. Please read carefully below regarding the format of the images - as it is vital that you submit images with a high enough resolution.
There is no problem in entering professional work that is really all yours. You must have written clearance from your 'client' to enter work if you are not the copyright holder of the work.
Captions All entries must be accompanied by a description of the image, and the medium or software used. Details are on the entry form.
Image Size
  • Image dimensions should be print resolution (as large as you can possibly render). Do not send in a low-resolution placeholder and ask us to get back to you, as we won't.
  • A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI (portrait), or 3636 pixels wide and/or 2657 pixels high, 300 DPI (landscape). Your image aspect ratio and layout will dictate the final resolution. These are given as guidelines. To be safe, render images that are larger than these specified
  • DO NOT upsample your images to achieve higher resolution. If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.
  • Each image must be included in a zip file.
  • Only one image per zip file.
  • Multiple entries must be uploaded in multiple, different zip files.
How to send it You can only submit your entries online.
Deadline for Entries
(check carefully)
Artwork to be considered for EXOTIQUE 6
Entry Deadline: Monday, 13th September, 2010 Midnight GMT
What if you do get in? We'll inform you by email if your work has been accepted for publication before printing.
Image Preparation

We are striving to make this publication feature the highest quality collection of art ever created. To do this we need you to submit the best quality images that you can make. Here are some general notes that may help you improve the quality of your images for print.

1. You should feel free to "hand edit" your images as much as you like. 3D renders should be viewed as if they were raw photographs -- they should be hand edited, colour corrected, sharpened, and edited to improve their quality as much as you can.

2. Monitor gamma and colour settings vary considerably. We will be reviewing all images on a standard system that is representative of most computer systems and is also optimised for print reproduction.
We will be reviewing and preparing all images on a monitor with sRGB colour response and a gamma of 2.2.
We have provided a monitor calibration image (colour calibrate gamma 2_2.jpg) to help you set up your monitor. You MUST display this image at 100% in a program that does NOT alter the gamma (not Photoshop). We have provided the image as a 100% quality JPG image so that you can view it in any web browser.
You should adjust you monitor controls so that the difference between the solid and dithered areas are minimal. Ideally you should be able to make all the solid squares match the surrounds -- however this is not possible on most monitors in which case you should adjust your monitor so that most of the mid range is matched. You should sit back from the monitor and squint to blur your vision to best judge the match.
You should do all adjustments on your monitor if you can. If you have a choice you should not adjust your graphics card gamma or any other software controls unless you have an ATI Raedon, NVIDIA FX or other card with FLOATING POINT display buffer. The reason for this is that there is just not enough resolution in 8 bits (24 bit RGB graphics buffer) to permit adjustment of gamma response without seriously degrading the shadow detail.

3. Do not convert your image to CMYK and do not over-sharpen it for print. We will be applying CMYK conversions and other filters that are optimal for the print process we have chosen. It is probable that we will be employing the most recent direct to plate and stochastic screen processes for printing. You should concentrate on providing images that look excellent on screen and let us perform the optimal preparation for print.

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