I am always amazed by the variety and quality of talent hidden in the world, and glad to finally be a part of that family - and no longer hidden. [Despite the white-out behind me]
When I read that there was a call for entries for EXPOSE 10 I decided that I would give it a shot and submit some of my work. Knowing that there were over 10,000 entries I was beside myself when I found out that two of my pieces would be included in this amazing art book, but once I was told that my 'After the Rapture' piece would be on the cover of the Limited Edition version of EXPOSE 10, I was truly honoured and amazed!! Thank you Ballistic Publishing for seeing something in my work and allowing me the chance to be in the company of the hundreds of amazing and talented artists that make up EXPOSE 10!!
When I was an up and coming artist I always dreamt that I would one day be able to stand tall amongst some of the greatest digital artist from around the world. Now that I'm here it still feels like a dream. Thank you Ballistic.
Holy pixels! I'm absolutely happy to have been selected for this 10th Anniversary edition of EXPOSE. It's been a great decade for learning and improving and the result shows here with an incredible selection of amazing artists. I'm proud to be published among them.
Ballistic Publishing and their books are one of the best books ever in the history of mankind. When I look what artists published their work in EXPOSE/EXOTIQUE and other books it makes me so humble and very, very proud to be in that group . I'll continue working hard and submitting my work to future Ballistic books.
It brings me great honour and pleasure to have my image included in EXPOSE 10 along with my wife's work. Happy 10 years anniversary EXPOSE! See you next year!
Many hours of hard work went in to finishing the image. Being featured in EXPOSÉ is a huge payoff and made it totally worth it!
This is the fourth EXPOSE that Jack and I both made in. We feel very honored and privileged to be among all the talented artists again!
It is a great honor to be published in such an amazing book with so many talented and diverse artists. Happy 10 year anniversary Expose!

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