I'm so proud to be a part of this great annyversary edition of EXPOSÉ, for me is a honour and a big motivation to push my work, as always all the work on the pubblication are AMAZING and a big inspiration for me.
It is a real honour to appear in the 10th edition of EXPOSÉ - great excitement and motivation for another year of work.
Thank you so much for your recognition and thanks to all at Ballistic! You've make me the happiest girl in France!
I would like to thank Ballistic Publishing for the opportunity, this is definitely a milestone in my career. Behind me is Alverca, the birthplace of aviation in Portugal. And what a nice flight EXPOSÉ was!
I'm so happy to congratulate Expose with its tenth anniversary!
Finally the “Bible of CG-Artists” arrived! There are so many talented artists in it. It’s an honor to be part of! It has been a dream for many years. In the background here you can see the ‘Urania Vienna’ which is recreated in my artwork. It’s also one scene of the full CG motion ride ‘Vienna Airlines’ I worked on.
I've been inspired by the EXPOSE books for a long time. I't a big honor to be a part of it now. I hope I'll be able to inspire others through the EXPOSE 10 book.
I'm sitting on the heights of Cenon, where you can see the city of Bordeaux behind me. Thanks Ballistic, i'm very honored to be part of EXPOSE again this year!
I am so honoured to be in this world class art book amongst such talented artists, thanks to all at Ballistic and my dog Flint thinks so too.
I am proud to be published in EXPOSE 10 with my Thaiboxer picture. It's like a dream come true.
It is a huge honour for me to be part of this wonderful book! Thank you, Ballistic!
It's a great honor to be included in a decade lasting manifesto of digital arts among so many inspiring artist from around the globe! Thank you!
I have just received the wonderful book today! I am so happy and I feel honoured and proud to be part of this great artist family! This is in a field close to my house, a place where I enjoy doing sketching.
I'm glad my work is featured in the 10th anniversary EXPOSÉ. Congratulations to every other artist featured in the book. Thank you Ballistic.
A big thank you to Ballistic Publishing for its excellent collection of digital arts. It allows us to discover the works of talented artists from around the world. Thank you to all the team, management and Jury at Ballistic Publishing.
Thank you guys for making such a great books that pushes up all the community! I’m really glad to be a part of EXPOSE X!
In the background you can see the ‘Khlbrandbrcke’, a landmark of Hamburg. I am very proud to be part of this book with great works from all over the world.
I am very happy to be part of EXPOSE for the first time, and doing it on the 10th anniversary makes it even more special. Thank you Ballistic for the opportunity and keep on inspiring artists around the world.
I am delighted to figure in EXPOSÉ 10 amongst so many brilliant and inspiring artists. Thank you Ballistic!
It brings me great honor to have my work featured in EXPOSE 10 along with so many great artist from around the world. It's like a dream come true! Congrats to all the artist and see you next year :)
I chose as a landmark for my town a place full of nature, a plateau on top of the seaside from which you can really spot nothing except the sea on a 270 degrees view. And it's a place I love for relaxing and focusing purposes, I always take walks here when I am in need of inspiration.
The EXPOSE is a great inspiration for every artist all around the world, it's an honor for me to be part of such diverse and amazing artist. Thank you so much Ballistic Publishing
It's a great pleasure and big fun to be inside this wonderful book full of phenomenal artworks!
It's always a great honor to be part of this amazing collection of artworks, thanks to Ballistic for showing them off.
It feels amazing to be part of the worlds most amazing and inspiring artworks collection. it makes me keep doing what I do. it keeps me inspired. Thank you EXPOSE team for featuring me in the world's most creative book!
Many thanks Ballistic for this great book! EXPOSE 10 is really fantastic and the books become more and more amazing!
I'm deeply honored to have my work included in this beautiful 10th anniversary edition of the prestigious EXPOSE series. The artwork in here is amazing. I tip my hat to all the talented artist from around the world, I'm proud to be in your company!
It's a great joy and privilege to show up among such a creative and skilled bunch! I'm both immensely impressed and humbled by what I see in the book. Hats off to all of you Guys!
Its not only a book for me. Its a sense of achievement which i will try to surpass in my coming year. I consider it my best motivation and as of now, im jumping around with joy knowing that I am Finally a part of the Expose Family.
When I heard that a few of my paintings will be published in EXPOSÉ 10, I couldn't believe it. It is my second EXPOSÉ and I'm so very happy! Thank you, Ballistic!
Thanks so much to Ballistic for giving me the opportunity and to be able to be with these giant artists.
First it was only a dream being part of such extraordinary family, second time it was still a dream. I believe this is a natural trend of Ballistic Publishing books to embrace you in a beautiful dreamy world. Happy tenth anniversary.
I'm really proud to be part of EXPOSE 10, couldn't imagine having my work published in a such impressive group of artists! Thanks Ballistic!
This is my fifth Expose with my art inside. I feel excited and honored to be between so many talents around the world.Thank you and see you in Expose 11.
To have an image selected for inclusion in any Ballistic Publication is very very exciting. To have my image ‘Raven’ selected for inclusion in Ballistics anniversary edition of EXPOSÉ 10 by a world renowned judging panel and to be along side so many world class artist is a massive honour and breath taking to see in print. The quality of the book from front cover to back is super impressive and almost seems unreal that I’ve been lucky enough to be a small part of it!! Respect and many thanks to all at Ballistic Publishing!!!
Thank you so much, guys! I can't believe to be a part of this book! Thank you and stay Ballistic!
I have been following the Exposé books since their first edition. They represent the quality level that all artists should aim at. Having the chance to be in this year's edition is a great honour and also a personal accomplishment. After having been inspired by so many artists on previous editions, it is great to think that my work can be an inspiration to other artists too. Thank you to Ballistic for this opportunity.
It's an great honor for me to be in EXPOSE 10. This book is amazing! Thanks so much Ballistic for the great job !
Wow! I never thought that this would happen! It´s an honor to be part of the EXPOSÉ collection. Thanks to the whole EXPOSÉ-Team! Yeahhh!!!
It's very exciting to see my artwork among all these great works of Masters. I hope I deserve this big honor.
It is truly a great pleasure and honour to be part of EXPOSE 10. Thank you for publishing such a great art book.
The book looks absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't be more proud for having my work included among such an impressive group of artists! Thank you!
It is really a great honour and privilege to be part of the EXPOSÉ 10 special edition, with so many wonderful artists! From the Lake Varese, well known for the International Rowing Championships, from the Prealps and Varese (background on the right) Happy Birthday EXPOSÉ, Thank you so much Ballistic Publishing and Thank you CGSociety!
The feeling to be part of EXPOSE 10 is amazing. Great quality and great artworks. Thank you Ballistic!
I'm very happy to be featured in this amazing book among so many talented artists.
EXPOSE 10 is a beautiful book. I'm honored that my art work is included in this publication and I have the opportunity to share space with so many talented artists from around the world. Thank you Ballistic Publishing for this chance.
It has become a bit of a tradition in our little household, to receive a yearly update on the finest digital art :)
It is an honor to be a part of EXPOSÉ. Thank you Ballistic, your books are inspiring.
To be one of the chosen ones, selected to have work in this special 10th edition of the EXPOSÉ book, makes me proud and feel privileged. Yet again this book is exemplary for what’s possible in the field of digital art, a great inspiration and motivation alike.
EXPOSÉ10 is a great source of inspiration to all CG amateur and professionals so I am honored and thrilled to be part of this great cast of amazing artists.
The printing quality and smell of the paper are delightful. When you sitting in four walls, trying to do cool stuff it is pleasure to experience that feeling of belonging. You are not alone, but part of something bigger. And for digital artist is an extra cool to be printed, because lots of work doesn't leave hard drives. Love that project.
I am once again absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Expose series, especially as this is the 10th anniversary for the book series. I am going to make it my goal to strive to get better each year. As expected, the book is full of exceptional artwork covering many genres which have further given me the inspiration to push further with my own artwork and my abilities.
Thanks so much to Ballistic for giving me the opportunity of being a part of this family of artists. Congratulations to everyone! You all have made this possible.
Being featured in Expose' 10 feels very special to me as it's the first time a piece of mine got selected for it, and doing it on the 10th years anniversary makes it even more rewarding. Thanks a lot for the opportunity guys.Ciao!
I’m loving being a part of EXPOSÉ 10 and I'm proud to be in the same place with people that I admire. Happy 10th anniversary!
I'm really honoured to be part of this great art book; and such a wonderful series!
EXPOSÉ was a great inspiration for me when I started my way into the industry and it has been ever since. Getting featured in EXPOSÉ 10 is a great honor as I am in the company of so many talented artists from all over the globe :)

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