I still can't believe I’m in this awesome book, with all the great artists I love! Thank you again Ballistic, from Paris, France!
It's a great honour to feature in this years EXPOSÉ 11 and I am completely thrilled to be sharing my work along such talented artists, Congratulations to everyone who took part.
I am very happy to have been selected and to be next to other talented artists from around the world, thank you again.
Thrilling! First when you receive the mail notification telling you you're in, then later when you open the book, see the print quality, and enjoy being showcased with so many hyper-talented artists. An honour to be back!
Thanks to everyone involved in creating the amazing book EXPOSÉ 11! It is a deep feeling to be part of this great artistic family, where we all grow up year after year.
Autumn is coming also this year in my bonsai garden. I'm honoured to be part of this amazing book with a lot of great artists. Thanks.
I am very proud to be a part of EXPOSÉ 11. Thanks to Ballistic! Love to all people around the world.
I'm extremely happy about having one of my caricatures on this wonderful and renowned book, specially surrounded by such amazing talent in every single page. It's the first time I send stuff to be included and I made it!! I'm really thankful.
Thank you very much for the free copy of EXPOSÉ 11. It is gorgeous all this fantastic stuff from all the different artists around the world. I feel really inspired.
The book is really amazing ! It’s so cool to be showcased among so many inspiring artists from around world! Thanks a lot to Ballistic Publishing team!
I'm very happy to be a part of EXPOSÉ again. The quality of the album is astonishing - so many wonderful works to enjoy!
Greetings from Odessa in the UKRAINE. This is great to be a part of this community. Thank you Ballistic and congratulations to the other artists. :)
Feels great to be part of this book and a little piece of history. Inspires me to work harder and produce more work.
I'm honored to be featured in EXPOSÉ 11 together with all these talented artists. Receiving a Master Award for my "Abandoned Bel Air" was a dream coming true.
I've always been fascinated by artists published in artbook like EXPOSÉ...Today I am lucky and proud to be part of this eleventh edition. I launched my freelance career two years ago, and to be part of this book is an incredible reward! Congratulations to all artists in this book.
For me, participating in EXPOSÉ 11 is something of a little miracle. I didn't really anticipate actually being in it thanks to my older brother's persuasive nature. And it's kind of inspiring to say the least and it makes me want to master my talents.
The judges did a tremendous job. EXPOSÉ depicts the best in the present day's digital art, regardless of the artist's location, company they work for or tools they have used. It's just like a little paper monster which absorbs the cool current digital art all over the world. I am very happy to have one on my shelf. ;)
We are very happy and honored to be in EXPOSÉ 11 together! EXPOSÉ has always been a very great source of motivation and inspiration for us. We're really proud to have been selected by some of most inspiring artists of the world and that really show to us that we're on the good way! We've just launched our own concept art and matte painting studio and this publication represents the best start for this adventure!
Ballistic Publishing books have always been a great inspiration for me. Being published in this awesome series made me jump up high!
The book looks amazing, it's a great honour to be featured along with some of the greatest artist that I admire, thank you Ballistic Publishing for this opportunity.
We are happy and Jumping with our EXPOSÉs in Parma ITALY
Thought that we could get our photos together in beautiful Parma, ITALY
I am really happy that one of my images is present in EXPOSÉ 11. Congratulations to all other artists. Thank you again Ballistic Publishing.
Wow, I really loved the book! I'm very happy to take part in EXPOSE 11, and is a great pleasure for me to be exposed together with other great artists. Thanks so much Ballistic!!
I am ecstatic to be featured in EXPOSÉ 11, my third one and best one yet! Ballistic folks outdid themselves yet again! Brilliant art in there, congrats to all the Masters! Namaste Hari!
This is Piazza San Carlo in the fabulous city of Turin, with the two twin Churches in the background. I'm very proud and honored to be included in EXPOSÉ, thank you very much to Ballistic!
It's a great honor to be in one of the greatest books for Digital Art around the world. I must say this is a dream come true, thanks to EXPOSÉ 11 judges and Ballistic for such an incredible opportunity.
Last year shortlisted, this year finally inside - alongside many of my long time favourite artists. Needless to say how much it means to me, being in Exposé the very first time, especially with 'White Disease'. Thanks a lot, Ballistic! Greetings from Prague!
My picture is from outside Kings College in my home town of Cambridge. I am really happy to be selected for EXPOSÉ 11. To be featured alongside the best artists from around the world is a real honor.
Having my work featured in this wonderful book among some of my favorite artists is both very satisfactory and inspiring. It makes me eager to create more, even better work. It's always great to have an inspirational kick like this, thank you for that.
I am really happy and honoured to be included in a book with so many artists that I have admired for some time now. Greetings from beautiful Sintra!
This is my second time in EXPOSÉ. After not making the cut last year I felt just as happy to make into the book as I was the first time. The number of world class artists is as astounding as ever and I feel humbled to be part of that select group of people who are featured this year. What better way to celebrate than being in among pretty flowers.
I am so happy to be part of EXPOSÉ 11, this book made from artworks, dedication and passion of amazing artists all around the world. Flipping it make me remember why I enjoy doing and sharing online CG artworks. Thank you Ballistic Publishing and congratulations everyone who contributed to make it happen!
It's great to be part of that amazing collective of EXPOSÉ artists as well as a great motivation and inspiration!

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