Around the World

Rather than dictating our categories to the artists, we feel that we shape our categories based on the talent of art we receive. This year, for example, we created new categories – Game Art, Digital "Plein Air', and Character due to the overwhelming number of entries. With a total of 23 categories, this year is one of our strongest yet. With all the categories in EXPOSÉ 11, the level of talent out there is reflected in the amount of entries we received this year – more than 8,000!

Portrait (Painted) Portrait (Rendered) Portrait (Illustration) Architecture (Exterior)
Architecture (Interior) Fantasy Fantasy Femmes Architecture (Exterior)
Matte Painting Environment Warriors and Conflict Science Fiction
Game Art Comic/Manga Abstract and Design Surreal
Storytelling Whimsical Transport Steampunk
  Plein Air Storytelling  

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