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Aaron Coon Arlington Heights, USA
It's a great honor to be represented in this book along with the other talented artists. I've been through the book numerous times and I'm continuously amazed at the quality of the art.
Published Images:
''The Loft'' on page 53, in Architectural (interior)

Nicholas Rougeux Chicago, USA
'As a self-taught fractal artist and Web designer from Chicago, I'm thrilled to have the chance to expose the world to fractal art beyond the trippy rainbow-colored images from the past. Thanks for featuring my work and congrats to everyone else!'
Published Images:
''Dusk'' on page 176, in Abstract & Design

Elena Klementyeva St.Petersburg, RUSSIA
My name is Elena Klementyeva (Fisk-KA). I worked a lot in the movie and game-industries and books illustration. The most interesting are concept art and illustrations and enjoy art challenges. I love the arts community and I wish great success to all!!!
Published Images:
''Ave Mari'' on page 75, in Fantasy Femmes

Nicolas Villeminot Bordeaux, FRANCE
I am really honored to be featured in this wonderful book among great artists. I would like to thank the jury for choosing my image! I’ll try to be part of the next book, but that’s some hard work to do ;)
Published Images:
''Little Red Riding Hood'' on page 188, in Storytelling

Tao Mu Yulin, CHINA
I'm a concept/mattepainting artist in China. I always love creating interesting Architecture and Landscape.It's a great honor and I'm really happy that I get the Master award in EXPOSÉ 6, the best digital annual of the world. Thanks Ballistic! It's a great encouragement of my art career.
Published Images:
''Gothic city'' on page 154-155, in Futurescapes

Michael Mahy , BELGIUM
The book finally arrived, but it was worth the wait. It's an honor to be featured in EXPOSE 6 and I will try my best to be a part of it next year too! Currently I'm looking for work as a character animator or a 3D artist.
Published Images:
''Custom bicycle render'' on page 169, in Product Design & Still Life

Takkaya Leeladechakul Bangkok, THAILAND
This image is at the Wat Hualamphong, Bangkok. As a concept artist for just two years I feel very grateful to be with the other great artists who get into EXPOSÉ 6, the awesome book of inspiration and motivation that everyone must have.
Published Images:
''One Knight One Monster'' on page 122, in Warriors

Mathias Kollros Linz, AUSTRIA
Books like the Expose series are a neverending source of inspiration, it`s a big honor that I can be a part of it
Published Images:
''5 O’Clock in Orkzland'' on page 194, in Humorous
''Dragon Style'' on page 139, in Conflict

Bente Schlick Hamburg, GERMANY
Hello, I'm from Hamburg, Germany. I'm a book illustrator and concept artist and love to paint fantasy based themes. Being part in the EXPOSÉ series makes me very, very proud and it showed me that my hard work has paid off
Published Images:
''Nightingale'' on page 20, in Portrait (painted)
''The Peacock'' on page 22, in Portrait (painted)
''Chatoyant'' on page 77, in Fantasy Femmes

Kyushik Shin Ladera Ranch, USA
It is a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to show my work to the world. Thank you very much to the Ballistic Publishing team. It is wonderful to see such great artwork coming from talented artists from all nations.
Published Images:
''Dark Spell'' on page 128, in Warriors

Patrick Beaulieu Quebec, CANADA
I'm a Lead animator, working in the CG industry for eight years now. I am very proud to be part of the EXPOSÉ 6 book. I would like to thank CGSociety for their support. Congratulations to all artists!
Published Images:
''Fear of the dark'' on page 204, in Whimsical

Lubos dE Gerardo Surzin London, GREAT BRITAIN
Hi, I am digital artist matte-painter and ZBrush modeler from Slovakia. But I am right now in London, UK and this is my place where I am working at home :)
Published Images:
''A man in the red hat'' on page 111, in Matte Painting

Nykolai Aleksander Scarborough, GREAT BRITAIN
I'm a self-taught freelance artist originally from Germany. I mainly work on character concepts and illustrations for books, games, and graphic novels. Being part of EXPOSÉ for the second time is just as amazing as it was the first time round. =)
Published Images:
''Nuri'' on page 18, in Portrait (painted)
''Samurai Templar'' on page 18, in Portrait (painted)
''Like a Fish out of Water'' on page 210, in Whimsical

Shraga Weiss Jerusalem, ISRAEL
I've climbed up on a rooftop in TelAviv with the view of the city buildings for this photo. I'm very proud to be a part of the group of people appearing in the book! The print quality looks awesome :)
Published Images:
''Portrait of Louis Bertin'' on page 31, in Portrait (rendered)

Dennis Chan Skövde, SWEDEN
I was so excited when i saw my work in the book thank you! Everything around me inspires me to paint. My dream is to work at anyplace in the world in the entertainment industry as a concept artist where I can use my 100% creativity and hopefully make a living of it.
Published Images:
''Grandfather’s Precious'' on page 18, in Portrait (painted)
''The princess and her servants'' on page 136, in Conflict

Juliy Trub Moscow, RUSSIA
I wish to tell some words about EXPOSÉ as now I have had time to consider this book in detail. I wish to tell about a general impression. Studying the book, I recollected all that has directed me on a way of the CG artist.
Published Images:
''Roboclock'' on page 164, in Product Design & Still Life

Mark Covell Burbank, USA
Monsters have always been my favorite subject matter and I'm sure I will continue to draw and paint them until I'm an old geezer.
Published Images:
''Sand Hopper'' on page 86, in Creatures

Mauro Baldissera Baldissera, ITALY
I took my new EXPOSÉ 6 book for a romantic holiday in Venice. I thought this was the least I could do. :-)
Published Images:
''Scarlett'' on page 28, in Portrait (rendered)

Ben Shafer San Francisco, USA
Thanks so much Ballistic!
Published Images:
''Hellgate: London (Templar Foundry)'' on page 96, in Concept Art

Sergio Santos Madrid, SPAIN
I'm a self-taught artist with a background in programming and computer science so I'm very technical. I've worked as 3D artist for video games for many years now, but I love illustrations, so one of my goals was to be part of those amazing books from Ballistic Publishing.
Published Images:
''The Mirror'' on page 26, in Portrait (rendered)

Marc Simonetti Annecy, FRANCE
The CGSociety is an impressive growing community of talented people. Each day I discover new artists from all around the world. Being a part of it makes me feel that somehow it's possible to built strong friendships, just sharing the same passion. EXPOSÉ is a great sample of what the CGSociety represents to me, and I'm really happy having an illustration in it.
Published Images:
''Qin: Tian Xia 2'' on page 141, in Conflict

Benjamin Ross Allershausen, GERMANY
I never thought it would be possible that a image from me is good enough,espacially at the first try. The most important thing for me is the self confidence that i got out of it. To see my image beside all these great images from these talented guys gives me a lot motivation and pushs me to work even harder on my skill level. The EXPOSÉ series is a great opportunity to see what's going on all around the world, meet new upcoming artists and compare with them.
Published Images:
''Future City'' on page 160-161, in Futurescapes

Sandrine Replat Coublevie, FRANCE
My first feeling when holding the book was happiness. I am really honoured to be part of the selection. It has not only immortalized my work but it has also give me a real status of artist. Thank you for it. The book is fantastic, the color, the paper it is all real high quality. So many exceptional artists that give me inspiration, and give me the feeling to keep on improving my works. Thank you.
Published Images:
''The Raven'' on page 57, in Fantasy

Jordan Walker Cary, USA
The book looks great and it's an honor to be included in it alongside such great artists!
Published Images:
''Queen'' on page 82, in Creatures

Robert Stava New York, USA
I'm still in shock that my work was selected to be included in EXPOSÉ. We tend to be critical about our own work here at the Arup 3d Media Group, but we of course are very excited about it. It's really an honor to have one's work published in what we consider one of the top digital industry publications that showcases so many digital artists who's work we consistently aspire to.
Published Images:
''Maserati Road Shot'' on page 218, in Transport

Kieran Wakeman Bexleyheath, GREAT BRITAIN
I am extremely happy to be in Expose 6. It is a real opportunity for everyone in the book to get their work seen. It is a great collection of work and is such an inspiring book.
Published Images:
''Red Witch'' on page 71, in Fantasy Femmes

Liiga Smilshkalne Riga, LATVIA
I am a 23 year-old Latvian artist who’s chosen medium is digital painting. My greatest inspiration is nature both of the inner and outer variety.
Published Images:
''Topia World: Rhea Dragonsblood'' on page 74, in Fantasy Femmes
'Image: 'Glory Winddancer'' on page 78, in Fantasy Femmes

Marco Genovesi Rome, ITALY
This is my fifth publication on a Ballistic book. Every time is a great pleasure and an honour to be selected and to share the beautifully printed pages with such incredible artists from all around the globe
Published Images:
''Dreaming Rome'' on page 102, in Matte Painting

Lisa Allen San Francisco, USA
I'm an art student from San Francisco studying character animation. I used to be an engineer but art has always been my passion. I've always admired the work in Ballistic Publishing and I'm delighted to be included!
Published Images:
''Spike meets the Tree'' on page 193, in Storytelling

Natalie Kelsey Billerica, USA
I am a fractal artist, using specifically the program Apophysis to create my work.
Published Images:
''Dimensional Shift II'' on page 182, in Abstract & Design

Samantha Combaluzier Montreal, CANADA
Thank you for sending me the book that fast! it is stunning! I feel very special to be part of the selected candidates and part of CGSociety. I'm a concept artist and matte painter evolving in the entertainment industry. I draw and paint digital characters, costumes, and environment designs. Creativity defines my work. :)
Published Images:
''Minded'' on page 14, in Portrait (painted)

Verónica Atanacio Ciudad de Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
I feel very lucky being able to live off my art and my imagination. I am currently working on commissions for fantasy art books, collectible card games, magazines and some personal projects.
Published Images:
''The Gathering'' on page 76, in Fantasy Femmes

Martin Bland Sunderland, GREAT BRITAIN
Concept artist/Illustrator based in the North East of England, primarily dark scifi art for the entertainment industry, I like to create believable universes people can truly connect with. Many thanks for the inclusion into this superb publication, it's an inspiration source bar none, anyone who picks it up will surely be impressed by the vast array of talent out there today.
Published Images:
''City of delusion'' on page 102, in Matte Painting

Ana Lucia Pais Bucharest, ROMANIA
Being featured in EXPOSÉ 6 is very rewarding for me as an abstract artist. It offers me the exposure I needed and it surely is a great push up for further improvement.
Published Images:
''When Dreams Meet Reality'' on page 176, in Abstract & Design

Alan Lathwell London, GREAT BRITAIN
Alan Lathwell lives and works in London as a freelance illustrator. He has worked on a wide range of projects from fantasy novels and children’s books to RPGs and trading cards. ‘The EXPOSÉ books have become the benchmark of excellence in the world of digital art and I’m thrilled to have my work included in EXPOSÉ 6’.
Published Images:
''The Warrior'' on page 126, in Warriors

Nicole Cardiff Sherman Oaks, USA
Published Images:
''Banshee'' on page 64, in Fantasy

Yazan Khalifeh Amman, JORDAN
Published Images:
''Sophisticated English ostrich'' on page 201, in Humorous

Ramón Acedo Madrid, SPAIN
I'm an architect from Madrid, Spain. I run a business on visualizations and work as a freelance illustrator too. Having an Excellence Award on EXPOSÉ 6 is just fantastic. EXPOSÉ series is one of the best publications on digital art around the globe, being able to show case your work on that a scale is a dream.
Published Images:
''Not another winning hand'' on page 205, in Whimsical

Alvin Tea Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
YES!! It is great honor for me to see my own work printed in Expose 6 along with other great artists, it feels good!! Photo was taken at One Tree Hill in Auckland.
Published Images:
''The Birth of Crystal: Life'' on page 180, in Abstract & Design

Amelia Mammoliti El Dorado Hills, USA
Being published in EXPOSÉ 6 has not only surprised me, but humbled me about my own talents. Being in the same book, and page, as artists that I have admired for many years is an accomplishment all of its own. I have grown a sense of maturity about my work, and I think that this publication is an example of that stepping stone.
Published Images:
''Giants and Angels II'' on page 60, in Fantasy

Geoffrey Packer Eastbourne, GREAT BRITAIN
I am once again humbled to have my work printed alongside the worlds most renown digital arts.
Published Images:
''Glass Flower Stair'' on page 47, in Architectural (interior)

'It's marvellous to be part of such a stunning and diverse collection of digital art. I still cannot believe I am actually in it!!'
Published Images:
''The Fix'' on page 24, in Portrait (rendered)

Jan Patrik Krasny Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Yes it is great, thanks so much for this chance to participate in such an amazing project.
Published Images:
''Blue Dragon'' on page 64, in Fantasy
''Dragonflyer'' on page 66, in Fantasy

Martin Deschambault Montreal, CANADA
Industrial Designer by trade and after a fews years in product design, Martin decided to switch to the video game industry. He has worked on numerous projects like 'Prince of Persia :The Two Thrones'. Now he is working at Artificial Mind & Movement as a Senior Concept Artist in Montreal.
Published Images:
''Yeti'' on page 98, in Concept Art

Angel Nieves Buford, USA
Being published in EXPOSÉ 6 is really special; an honor to be among some of the best talent in the industry all together in the same book. It is truly incredible to see so many beautiful pieces of digital art together in one place, so many different styles, techniques and cultures coming together. EXPOSÉ 6 is a very inspirational piece of art.
Published Images:
''Horse Head'' on page 82, in Creatures

John Strieder Luebeck, GERMANY
I am a 3D artist, who dislikes the world so much, I am trying to render my own one.
Published Images:
''Homage to Fry'' on page 152, in Science Fiction

Daniel Dociu Redmond, USA
Published Images:
''Guild Wars: Destroyer Dragon'' on page 113, in Environment
''Guild Wars: Carnival Season'' on page 118, in Environment
''Guild Wars: Griffon'' on page 144-145, in Science Fiction

Franz Steiner New York, USA
Published Images:
''Personal Robot'' on page 153, in Science Fiction
''Personal Robot'' on page 152, in Science Fiction

Lukasz Pazera London, GREAT BRITAIN
I come from Poland but I currently live and work in London. Industrial themes are main inspiration for me so I took a picture in front of the defunct London Battersea Power Station. I've been in the animation industry for around eight years now working on short films, commercials and music videos.
Published Images:
''Geisha'' on page 114-115, in Environment

Farzad Varahramyan Carlsbad, USA
As VP and Creative Visual Director for High Moon Studios, I’m fortunate everyday, to be able to develop original properties and new worlds.
Published Images:
''Cremator Genesis: Hellion'' on page 218-219, in Transport

Kirsi Salonen Lappeenranta, FINLAND
Kirsi is a writer and illustrator, and also an artist in classical way, who just loves fantasy and storytelling above all. Thinking about new worlds and peculiar beings is just as normal in her daily life as a good morning coffee.
Published Images:
''Golden panda'' on page 13, in Portrait

Patri Balanovsky Arad, ISRAEL
An Illustrator and a Concept Artist. I am doing most of my artwork digitally. I use tools such as Photoshop, Painter, ZBrush and other software. I explore all sorts of genres and styles with my work. And I`m real proud to be part of the EXPOSÉ Family!
Published Images:
''Polar Circus Bear'' on page 208, in Whimsical of EXPOSE 6

Rui Xu NY, USA
EXPOSÉ has opened up an entirely new universe for me, in which I can let my imagination roam free. I hope we can grow with it together.
Published Images:
''Fruits on Vacation'' on page 208, in Whimsical of EXPOSÉ 6

Henry Gunawan Singapore, SINGAPORE
I graduated from Art Center College of Design. I'm currently working as a concept artist in the gaming industry. I love to experiment with my art style, explore new ways to paint. I never stick to one way of painting, that way every painting will be an adventure filled with experiments, trials and errors, and discoveries.
Published Images:
''The Daily Chase'' on page 198, in Humorous of EXPOSÉ 6

Wang Xiaoyu Beijing, CHINA
I am a game artist from China. At the moment, we're developing an MMORPG. I handle the characters and environments' modeling and texturing. It's really fantastic to see my work in EXPOSÉ 6, thanks :)
Published Images:
''Fa Hai'' on page 26, in Portrait (rendered) of EXPOSÉ 6

Phil McDarby Dublin, IRELAND
It has been a dream of mine for years to be accepted into the wonderful pages of EXPOSÉ. It is truly humbling to appear alongside artists I have been in awe of for a long time - thanks Ballistic!
Published Images:
''The Greenwood Deep'' on page 63, in Fantasy of EXPOSÉ 6

Published Images:

Wala`a Haddad Amman, JORDAN
My name is Walaa Haddad. I am a digital artist, working as concept artist and matte painter and texture painter in animated movis production and the game industry in Jordan.
Published Images:
''Crossroads: Waves of conflicts'' on page 96, in Concept Art of EXPOSÉ 6

Peter Ang Dubai, UAE
Hi guys., this is my first time submitting an entry for EXPOSÉ, and I'm very happy to know that my artwork has been chosen as one among thousands of entries. It's a great opportunity and exposure for me to be part of EXPOSÉ 6. It has given me more inspiration and motivation to do more great artworks. Thanks and more power to all the artists and to Ballistic Publishing!
Published Images:
''D artist'' on page 200, in Humorous of EXPOSÉ 6

Paul Gerrard Cheshire, GREAT BRITAIN
I have a great respect and admiration for the EXPOSÉ series and indeed all Ballistic books. I had my first printed image in a Ballistic publication, it got me noticed and as a result gave me the confidence boost I needed at the time to start forging a career from my art. Since then I have never looked back.
Published Images:
''Joy Rider'' on page 216, in Transport of EXPOSÉ 6

Tomasz Jedruszek Bochnia, POLAND
Someone said the artist must suffer a great pain to be productive, but I'm more than happy now and my mind is almost exploding with fresh ideas. I will be sure to produce a lot more new works coming up and I hope you are ready for it.
Published Images:
''Yona'' on page 22, in Portrait (painted) of EXPOSÉ 6
''Lost city'' on page 116, in Environment of EXPOSÉ 6

Jason Godbey Carlsbad, USA
It’s an honor being included in EXPOSÉ. The work that’s in there always inspires me. When you have so much great artwork coming from every corner of the world that spans many genres, it’s hard not finding inspiration. Currently, I live in Carlsbad, California working as an environmental artist at BottleRocket Entertainment.
Published Images:
''Rebirth'' on page 170, in Product Design & Still Life of EXPOSÉ 6

Kerem Beyit Ankara, TURKEY
It's an honor and privilege for me to see my pieces in EXPOSÉ. With these albums, Ballistic Publishing provides a great service to the digital art field by featuring dozens of artists from many different countries, introducing their artwork to the world. I am glad to be a part of it.
Published Images:
''Lost'' on page 121, in Environment of EXPOSÉ 6
''Cityscape'' on page 162, in Futurescapes of EXPOSÉ 6

Tiziano Baracchi Sona, ITALY
I started working in digital exactly two years ago, one of my objectives from the start, was to become good enough that my work would be included in EXPOSÉ. When this year I received the email telling me 'Sinja' had been selected I was stunned, the whole day went in a haze...I haven't recovered, yet.
Published Images:
''Sinja'' on page 76, in Fantasy Femmes of EXPOSÉ 6

Branko Bistrovic Toronto, CANADA
I was a fan of the first EXPOSÉ. I found the body of art inspirational and liberating. Finally a show piece of a book that focuses on digital painting in all its glory. To be part of the most recent publication has given me a feeling of true accomplishment, and for that I am sincerely grateful and proud. Congratulations to everyone else who has made it in!
Published Images:
''Quietus'' on page 88, in Creatures of EXPOSÉ 6

Ilker Serdar Yildiz Ankara, TURKEY
I'm so pleased that my works have been published on EXPOSÉ 6. I'm seeing my works among my favorite artist's works in the same book. It's totally fantastic and honorable for me.
Published Images:
''Before War'' on page 138, in Conflict of EXPOSÉ 6
''Forward!'' on page 188, in Storytelling of EXPOSÉ 6

Uwe Jarling Illertissen, GERMANY
I live in a little village near Ulm, so the photo was taken in Ulm directly in front of the Ulmer Münster. Since 2003 almost all of my work is painted digitally for clients all over the world. 'Everyone interested in digital art really should try to get a copy of EXPOSÉ as it is a real diamond under the art books.
Published Images:
''Demonic Evocation'' on page 58, in Fantasy of EXPOSÉ 6

Iker Cortazar Vitoria (Alava), SPAIN
It's a great honor for me to see my work published in the EXPOSÉ book with the works of these great artists, many of whom I have admired for a long time. By the way, the guy beside me in the photo is Wynton Marsalis. He has played his music many times in the International Festival of Jazz that is held every year here in Vitoria-Gasteiz.
Published Images:
''Home Sweet Home'' on page 207, in Whimsical of EXPOSÉ 6

Beatrix Papp Budapest, HUNGARY
I'm a designer in Visual Communication Arts (MA). I have been working with 3D softwares for five years. I make children's books and illustrations.
Published Images:
''Monster from Hell'' on page 86, in Creatures of EXPOSÉ 6

Zoltán Korcsok Budapest, HUNGARY
I'm a Designer in Visual Communication Arts (MA). I've worked in the games industry since the 90s. This work was made during Luxology's modo beta testing.
Published Images:
''Creature Portrait'' on page 25, in Portrait (rendered) of EXPOSÉ 6

Anthony Moy Garnet Valley, USA
EXPOSÉ 6 is my first big breakthrough as it is the beginning of my journey as an illustrator. It is the beginning of the fulfillment of my dream to do what I do best. I am in awe of my fellow EXPOSÉ 6 artists. They inspire me to be the best that I can be and give me hope! I am grateful for this opportunity.
Published Images:
''Ghost Samurai'' on page 124, in Warriors of EXPOSÉ 6

Travis Smith Gilbert, USA
I am a Graphics Manager / Architectural Illustrator for a local firm in Tempe, Arizona. I have a passion for digital art and have recently started honing my skills in traditional art. I love what I do and look forward to a long career.
Published Images:
'Galactica' on page 34-35, in Architectural (exterior)

Yang Yuchi Taipei county, TAIWAN
Yang Yuchi, a senior 3D artist in game industry, also loves to paint all kinds of animals in amused ways.
Published Images:
'Strange Behaviour: Fighting Arena' on page 196-197, in Humorous

Michael Kutsche Berlin, GERMANY
Michael Kutsche is an award-winning Conceptual Artist/ Character designer/ Illustrator and Fine Artist located in Berlin who has worked for the film and games industry since 1998.
Published Images:
'Boxer' on page 184, in Storytelling
'Battle for Asgard: pack front' on page 125, in Warriors
'Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms (Indian)' on page 128, in Warriors
'Battle for Asgard: Viking' on page 135, in Conflict
'Dependency' on page 202, in Humorous

Ian Brink Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA
I started in ‘98 as an airbrush artist, after which doing a Bachelor’s degree in design and illustration to cement my love for 3D work, and have been in the industry ever since.
Published Images:
'Vantage at Dusk' on page 219, in Transport
'Valencia City of Arts and Sciences' on page 42, in Architectural (exterior)

Patrick Ho San Diego, USA
“As a Senior Artist at SOE, I create concepts, 3D models, and textures for our PC games. Creating the Gnoll High Shaman for the Legends of Norrath trading card game took me back to my roots as an illustrator. It felt good to get back into it again.”
Published Images:
'Legends of Norrath: Gnoll High Shaman' on page 89, in Creatures

Derrick Song Singapore, SINGAPORE
I am Derrick Song from Singapore. I'm currently working in a games development company making online games as a 3d character artist. My art inspiration comes from the comics (especially Hong Kong comics) that I've liked to read since I was young. It is so full of actions and dynamics that really impact me and influence my painting style.
Published Images:
'Dragon rider' on page 132, in Conflict

Mark Goldsworthy Austin, USA
I love fantastical environments. I put the music on and imagine myself in another world. The more epic it is the greater it envelopes me.
Published Images:
'Yuln Harbor' on page 104-105, in Matte Painting

Sarel Theron Kommetjie, SOUTH AFRICA
'I'm a 33 year-old digital matte artist based in Cape Town, with a background in traditional painting techniques. I have worked on high-end commercials, television productions, book cover illustrations and currently looking forward to working on feature films.'
Published Images:
'Tolstadt' on page 120, in Environment
'Dreamscape' on page 111, in Matte Painting

Jong-Won Park Seoul, KOREA
Overall I am never fully satisfied with my work, but when placed among these giants I am truly enjoying all the work. Thank you so much for your interest.
Published Images:
'External ship' on page 92, in Concept Art

Christian ‘Tigaer’ Hecker Nuremberg, GERMANY
This is Ballistic's EXPOSÉ 6 in front of Nuremberg's most well known landmark, the city fortress, beside the Christmas fair every year. I never thought my work could make it into a book that presents such a high quality of work in it. In our field of expertise the EXPOSÉ series is like a neverending source of inspiration. And I'm proud to be a part of it!"
Published Images:
'Long Way Home' on page 106, in Matte Painting

Keith Port Halifax, CANADA
Hailing from Somerset, UK, I now live in Nova Scotia with my wife and daughter; working freelance, I have a passion for quirky children's illustration. Nova Scotia is renowned for its lighthouses and this one in Peggy's Cove is one of the most famous.
Published Images:
'Waste Management' on page 186, in Storytelling

Yanick Gaudreau Mirabel, CANADA
I have worked on visual effects for commercials and films since 1999. I created the textures/lighting of 'Darkness Monster' in my spare time at Hybride.
Published Images:
'Darkness Monster' on page 89, in Creatures

Steve Jubinville Mirabel, CANADA
Graduated from the NAD Centre, I am passionate about digital sculpture and character modeling. Actually working at Hybride, I have also worked on some contracts for Meteor Studios and Ubisoft. I have taught at the NAD Centre on the Organic Modeling and ZBrush classes for professionals since 2004.
Published Images:
'Darkness Monster' on page 89, in Creatures

Xiao Bing Shanghai, CHINA
Thank you very very much! It's the favorite beauty book of all. I'm a Digital Illustrator, I love fantastic painting so much. I live in Shanghai of China. I love CG, I love CGSociety...
Published Images:
'Beauty, Shanghai' on page 16. Portrait (painted)

Hong Kuang Beijing, CHINA
'EXPOSÉ is a significant and important annual that has a collective of some of the best works worldwide. I'm honored and grateful to be part of it and am glad for the platform it had been to showcase my works these years.'
Published Images:
'Grave of Souls' on page 118, in Environment
'Waterfall' on page 119, in Environment
'Relic of the Dragon' on page 136, in Environment

Christophe Landrain and Robert Ivanov Wepion, BELGIUM
'Being published in 'EXPOSÉ 6' just feels great. It's an honor to have our name written in the book. From my first steps in 3D five years ago til today, I'm proud to say I was published in EXPOSÉ 'woohoo'. Congratulations for the amazing quality book and I hope to see you next year.'
Published Images:
'Medina Towers, Tangier, Morocco'' on page 51, in Architectural (interior)

Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe Bielefeld, GERMANY
'It's a great honor to be part of this excellent compilation of outstanding digital art from around the world! One major goal achieved!'
Published Images:
'The Abyss'' on page 95, in Concept Art

Vivian Garvey Puy L'Eveque, FRANCE
'Acclaim, awards and accolades are of course vain glorious frippery, and of no concern to high minded folk like ourselves. :-) Many thanks. My home is officially the third most beautiful town in the middle-Pyrenees!'
Published Images:
'Kong, a happy ending?' on page 203, in Humorous

Radoslav Zilinsky Senkvice, SLOVAKIA
"Hi, it was a pleasure to participate in EXPOSÉ. Great book. I'm currently finishing at university and then I will become a professional freelancer."
Published Images:
'Worth enough?' on page 157, in Futurescapes

Troy Pearse Brisbane, AUSTRALIA
I live in Brisbane, Australia. I love design, photography and art and wouldn’t be here without the ever-inspiring and supportive CG community.
Published Images:
'Swansea Redevelopment' on page 37, in Architectural (exterior)

Zsuzsa Tasi Miskolc, HUNGARY
"I'm 27 years old freelance artist living in Hungary. I have studied CG autodidact at a manner in the last 10 years, then I started to paint digitally in 2007. I am at the Castle of Diósgyőr near Miskolc, Hungary."
Published Images:
'Nymph' on page 76, in Fantasy Femmes

Charley Cloris Paris, FRANCE
Congratulations to Ballistic for gathering this amazing collection of artworks within such a fine book…a real treat for the eyes! Once again, I would like to thank you Paul and the whole Ballistic Publishing team for such a wonderful gift, as well as the jury team for this unexpected Master award.
Published Images:
'Library interior' on page 44, in Architectural (interior)
'Small drum kit' on page 172, in Product Design & Still Life
'Highway home' on page 48, in Architectural (interior)
'Home 02' on page 52, in Architectural (interior)

Marco Edel Rolandi Turin, ITALY
Thanks again for the marvelous book you sent me. The print is gorgeous, the paper is great and it comes as a real inspiration to me. The monument behind is called 'Reggia di Venaria'. I am a 3D artist, living and working in Turin, Italy. That's when I am not traveling, which is happening a lot lately.
Published Images:
'Rail haven' on page 158, in Futurescapes

Galan Pang , HONG KONG
Galan Pang has been working in CG industry for more than eight years in Hong Kong. He is CG supervisor, concept artist, matte painter and also interaction designer.
Published Images:
'Forest Warrior' on page 128, in Warriors

Neil Blevins Corte Madera, USA
Here I am at Lombard street, San Francisco, the most zigzaggy street in the world. As well as working at Pixar as a TD, I make my own scifi artwork, write tools and tutorials for public consumption.
Published Images:
'Gas Walker I' on page 150, in Science Fiction.

Javier Senent Ruiz Guardamar del Segura, SPAIN
Firstly, thankful to BALLISTIC for published my work. For a few years I've followed this publication and I have always wished to be inside, and now I am. It is a great satisfaction for me in my pursuit in 3D. Thank you very much to Ignacio Hermo for your unconditional support.
Published Images:
'Interior house' on page 54, in Architectural (interior)

Peter Lee Irvine, USA
It is my honor to show my work here. Thank you all so much for your hard work in putting these books together! 'My Life for Auir'!
Published Images:
'Fantasy Island' on page 118, in Environment.

Vincent Guibert Saint Michel, FRANCE
I live and work near Angouleme. This city is famous for its big international festival about comics. And a last besides a landscape showing the French country. Working for seven years mainly as lighting and special effects supervisor on TV series, I try to develop my own universe on my spare time.
Published Images:
'Mr Octopus is late for work' on page 210, in Whimsical.

Ognian Bonev Sofia, BULGARIA
It has been a great pleasure to take part in such a book as EXPOSÉ 6 and I enjoy the massive impact of the artworks between its pages!
Published Images:
'The Outpost' on page 62, in Fantasy

Katarina Sokolova-Latans’ka Kiev, UKRAINE
My name is Katarina Sokolova-Latans’ka and I live in capital of Ukraine, Kiev. My digital paintings are included widely in the Corel Painter community. Currently my interests include graphics, pro CG and photography where I work with fashion magazines and advertising.
Published Images:
''Elenia'' on page 16, in Portrait (painted) of EXPOSÉ 6
''Red forest’s fairy tales'' on page 79, in Fantasy Femmes of EXPOSÉ 6

Matt ‘Shimuzu’ Smith East Sussex, GREAT BRITAIN
Matthew 'Shimuzu' Smith studied Fashion Illustration and Promotion at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, but jumped at the chance of becoming a Graphic Designer when the opportunity presented itself. He now has 11 years experience and is currently working for a charity organisation raising awareness for both young people and adults with drug and alcohol dependencies.
Published Images:
''Cherry-coloured funk'' on page 33, in Portrait (rendered) of EXPOSÉ 6

Olivier Charles Mouans Sartoux, FRANCE
Graduated in architecture four years ago, I've been working in 3dsMax since release 2. I like to render my images, using different render engines like mental ray, V-Ray, Maxwell.
Published Images:
''FOA reconstitution'' on page 45, in Architectural (interior) of EXPOSÉ 6

Michal Ivan Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
Illustration is for me a fantastic journey that became part of my life. I’m still finding new things in it that make me go further.'
Published Images:
''Horned God’s Daughter'' on page 58, in Fantasy of EXPOSÉ 6
''Through the devastation'' on page 151, in Science Fiction of EXPOSÉ 6

James Xu Layton, USA
I am very honored and proud to be part of the EXPOSÉ 6 book. To have my work featured along side of the many talented artists in this book is a great privilege and motivation. I will continue to work hard and strive for new goals. I would like to thank my family and friends for their wonderful support.
Published Images:
''Shoju Rojin'' on page 26, in Portrait (rendered) of EXPOSÉ 6

Dimitar Tzvetanov Sofia, BULGARIA
I have been working around eight years in the game industry in a game company here in Bulgaria as 3d/Environment artist. This is my second year in EXPOSÉ and its a great honor to be with the best on the planet. Imagination + practice = EXPOSÉ in my opinion. :)
Published Images:
''Before the storm'' on page 110, in Matte Painting of EXPOSÉ 6
''Afterwar'' on page 94, in Concept Art of EXPOSÉ 6
''Entering the core'' on page 148, in Environment of EXPOSÉ 5

César Rizo Vancouver, CANADA
Using my background in architecture has been an invaluable tool to create surreal spaces with epic scales in my work as Concept Artist. This picture was taken in Vancouver, where I'm working right now. I'm Venezuelan, so I'm holding my flag. :)
Published Images:
''Fortress'' on page 158, in Futurescapes of EXPOSÉ 6

Jesse van Dijk Driebergen-Rijsenburg, NETHERLANDS
Hi, I'm Jesse van Dijk, working as a concept artist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I'm very glad to have my work featured in EXPOSÉ 6! Check out more of it at
Published Images:
''The Labyrinth of Tsan-Kamal'' on page 112, in Environment of EXPOSÉ 6
''Cliff dwellings'' on page 121, in Environment of EXPOSÉ 6

Marco Bauriedel Hamburg, GERMANY
I feel very inspired and motivated now that my work has been selected for EXPOSÉ 6. It shows me that hard work pays off.
Published Images:
''Renaissance'' on page 120, in Environment of EXPOSÉ 6

Mats Minnhagen Lund, SWEDEN
Here's the photo of me, EXPOSÉ book and landmark. It's the 12th century Cathedral of Lund. I’m a digital artist living in Sweden. I’ve worked as Concept Artist on EA Dice, and currently freelance with RPG, book and popular science illustrations.
Published Images:
''Floating Fish'' on page 80-81, in Creatures of EXPOSÉ 6
''Escape from the Mountain Hall'' on page 191, in Storytelling of EXPOSÉ 6

Eric Tranchefeux Paris, France
I am honoured to have one with my paintings included in the prestigious new EXPOSÉ 6! The book contains achievements, each more extraordinary than the others.My congratulations to all these artists.
Published Images:
''Pirate'' on page 19, in Portrait (painted) of EXPOSÉ 6

Senol Ozdemir Kastamonu , Turkey
Born in Germany, 1970. I graduated from Fine Arts Department of Anadolu University, Eskisehir. Before I discovered digital painting, I smelled oils for some long years.
Published Images:
''Dragonlover'' on page 68, in Fantasy of EXPOSÉ 6

Dana Daukshta Riga, LATVIA
I obtained a traditional art education in Latvian Academy of Art. Also I've been inspired by digital art, and for last 10 years working extensively as a concept and computer graphics artist.
Published Images:
''Kingdom'' on page 108, in Matte Painting of EXPOSÉ 6

Bryan Beus New York, USA
I am passionate about visual storytelling. I enjoy working in the young-adult-novel and conceptual-art markets, but enjoy most of all producing my own ideas.
Published Images:
''The 13th Letter'' in Storytelling on page 186, in Storytelling of EXPOSÉ 6
''Jubjub bird'' in Creatures of EXPOSÉ 5

Benjamin Brosdau Berlin, Germany
I'm an art director at pure rendering GmbH in Berlin working in the field of architectural visualization. Great to see this amazing collection of work in EXPOSÉ 6.
Published Images:
''Eisenhorn'' in Portrait (Rendered) in page 28, of EXPOSÉ 6;

Bence Kresz Godollo, Hungary
I am 27 years old and work as a webdesigner. Painting is a hobby for me. I wanted to mix the car painting with an animal skin in my 'Born to race' painting.
Published Images:
''Born to race'' on page 202, in Humorous of EXPOSÉ 6

Arthur Haas Amsterdam, Netherlands
I am a 38 year old self-taught artist from Amsterdam. I started painting in acrylics in '94, moved to digital later on and am now combining the two. From purely painting strange landscapes I am now going more abstract and intuitive in my approach. I've had several successful exhibitions in Amsterdam.
Published Images:
''Gasfloater II'' on page 100, in Concept Art of EXPOSÉ 6

Alon Chou Taipei, Taiwan
Alon Chou is now working as a freelancer, he produces illustrations, posters, character designs and environment designs for games and animation films both in and out of the country. Drawing to him is like a single frame of a movie, and he likes to merge emotion into the painting, hoping to touch others.
Published Images:
''A Lonely Heart'' on page 17, in Portrait (painted) of EXPOSÉ 6,
''The war is coming'' on page 131, in Warriors of EXPOSÉ 6,
''Oh God!'' on page 195, in Humorous of EXPOSÉ 6;

Jeffrey M. de Guzman Makati City, Philippines
Jeffrey M. de Guzman, aka Jeff MD in art forums, has been working as a chef for five years and doing digital-arts on the side. But now he\'s employed as a full-time Concept artist for UnderGround Logic Manila, a post-production company
Published Images:
''Golden Bee'' on page 015, in Portrait (painted) of EXPOSÉ 6
''Esprilandrhu'' on page 072, in Fantasy Femmes of EXPOSÉ 6

Olga Vinokurtseva Moscow, RUSSIA
I am a graphic designer with a big interest in CG art. The work I entered is about a spirit who protects his wood and everyone inside.
Published Images:
'The spirit of forest' on page 76, in Fantasy Femmes

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