Expose 6

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Celebrate the World's finest new digital art. EXPOSÉ 6 is our latest International collection of the best of the best. COMING SOON!

The EXPOSÉ 6 Awards
The EXPOSÉ 6 Awards will celebrate the highest artistic achievement in a diverse range of categories and styles. Award recipients will demonstrate an outstanding fusion of artistic and technical excellence.
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EXPOSÉ 6 Committee
The EXPOSÉ 6 Awards will be judged by a highly talented group of industry leaders and artists including: Lorne Lanning (Co-Founder, President, and Creative Director, Oddworld Inhabitants), Brom (renowned fantasy artist), Christopher Sloan (Art Director, National Geographic Magazine), Stephan Martiniere (renowned science fiction and fantasy artist), David Wright (Creative Director, NVIDIA), Max Dennison (Founder, Matte Painting UK), Phil Straub (renowned illustrator), Ryan Church (blockbuster concept artist), and Jeff Mottle (Founder, CGArchitect.com).
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