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Fabricio Moraes
Niteroi, BRAZIL
Thank you everyone for the support.
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Lior Arditi
Rhehovot, ISRAEL
I especially love the artistic freedom during the creative process that this platform allows, as opposed to traditional drawing, digital art allows you to perform quick changes and various essential checks of the composition, design, brush strokes, color palette, etc. This, and the fact you don't need to wash brushes at the end of the night.
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Cyril De Araujo
Saint Etienne, FRANCE
I am always thinking about how light, colors, and the composition are thought through. I also have a great interest in all urban arts fitting in our environment.
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Fahrija Velic
Cologne, GERMANY
It is great to watch the complexity of computer game worlds rising from year to year. As an industrial designer I'm looking forward of being involved in creating those worlds.
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Larissa Dedkova
Toronto, CANADA
Digital media is a whole new world of possibilities for me as an artist. That’s about being able to express my ideas much faster. The ability to save multiple copies of my work at different stages and being able to get back to one of them and develop almost entirely new piece.
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Drazenka Kimpel
Fort Lauderdale, USA
Being part of EXPOSÉ is very rewarding to me and I feel like I’ve accomplished something special. I am honored and inspired! Thank you Ballistic.
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Ilich Henriquez
Poxdorf, GERMANY
I always liked art books and being in EXPOSÉ is a big honor for me. I find the book is similar to an exhibition. You are presented among other artists and it´s always fun and inspirating to look at books like EXPOSÉ.
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Phil McDarby
Thanks a million Ballistic and the Judges - it's a huge thrill to make it into EXPOSÉ 7! It is an incredible collection of work, you should all be really proud.
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Jakob Eirich
Salzgitter, GERMANY
It's the very first time I got featured in the EXPOSÉ books. It's really great to see my work besides all those awesome artists and I hope it isn't the last time. Thanks to the EXPOSÉ-team!
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Laurent Pierlot
Venice, USA
Thank you Ballistic!
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Mark Goldsworthy
Austin, USA
A great honor to be part of this fantastic series.
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Jan Vidra
Bedfordshire, GREAT BRITAIN
I 'discovered' digital art approximately three years ago. I stumbled upon a web site ( in fact). I hope being in EXPOSÉ 7 will help my further career, but I am new to the digital art industry and couldn't answer this question now.
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Rasmus Berggreen
Copenhagen, DENMARK
When I have a picture or feeling in my mind, and I suddenly see that picture evolve on the screen, that is the just the most exciting feeling. When you can almost feel the story yourself, when you have convinced yourself that the fiction world is almost real. Then it is art to perfection in that moment.
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Simona Ceci
I started studying as an illustrator with classical painting mediums in an art institute. I had the good fortune to attend to a short Photoshop training course. It made me discover the infinite possibilities of digital art.
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Darek Zabrocki
Gdansk, POLAND
In itself, the process of creating a picture is the best thing. I love changing, fixing and adding new elements while I am working on an illustration. EXPOSÉ is a good opportunity to show my works throughout the world.
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Arijanit Roci
Gothenburg, SWEDEN
EXPOSÉ is widely respected for showcasing great artists and amazing pictures. Having one's work in your books is a great honor and a massive merit.
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Bing Xiao
Shanghai, CHINA
Although I only did my first digital painting four years ago, I feel I have found my niché and I look forward to submitting to EXPOSÉ every year.
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Iliya Atanasov
Every picture has its own beauty. With every digital art you feel your heart. The feeling when you are doing the process is the best thing!
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Sarel Theron
The quality of the entries published in Ballistic’s EXPOSÉ series just seem to get better and better each year. Having my work published among such amazing talent is truly an honour. Special thanks to everyone at Ballistic for all their hard work and dedication in making these books possible. Also my heartfelt thanks to the jury for the very big and unexpected surprise!
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Dmitry Mitsuk
Richmond Hill, CANADA
I'm a self-taught matte painter, originally from Belarus. Being part in the EXPOSÉ 7, a book that I have admired for many years, is a true accomplishment for me. Thank you Ballistic for featuring my work along so many talented digital artists and for encouraging me in my career.
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Von Caberte
EXPOSÉ 7 - Finest digital art in the known universe! I felt proud and fortunate to be part of this amazing book!!! Mabuhay ang Pinoy!
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Mahmoud Keshta
Mansoura, EGYPT
The digital medium allows the artist to quickly transfer the vision in one mind, into the image on the screen for everyone. EXPOSÉ 7 gives me new opportunities in digital arts and pushes me to develop my skills and do my best to bring out more art.
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Michael Dashow
Oakland, USA
Thanks for the honor of being included with all of the fantastic artwork in EXPOSÉ 7. The books that Ballistic publishes and the forums that they sponsor are terrific, and have both been inspiring and instrumental in my development as an artist. Thanks, and congrats for another great collection.
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Damien Canderle
Thank you so much Ballistic!
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Marta Dahlig
Warsaw, POLAND
It was raining the past week in Warsaw but finally the sun appeared on the sky. The background building is one of the few palaces in Warsaw area that were left after the war. A lovely place :-)
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Travis Smith
Gilbert, USA
Surreal shading, lighting and colors found only in nature are what influence my style. Trying to create those rare moments that talented photographers are able to capture, is my constant goal. It's never easy and it doesn’t always happen for me, but when it does it's a real feeling of accomplishment. Simple realism is never enough.
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Guillaume Dubois
Neufchateau, BELGIUM
I love the way we can show digital art so readily to the rest of the world. It also means lots of people think my work is good, even though I have a lot to learn.
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Alexandru Popescu
Constanta, ROMANIA
I am very grateful for being part of this great project. Receiving an award in EXPOSÉ is one of the things I've been looking forward to. I am happy that I managed to achieve this. Congratulations to all the featured artists!
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Nikolay Yeliseyev
Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA
Everything influences my style. Artists' paintings, music, the weather, my mood. I like to see any changes in style, it's so much fun. It is like running up and down on a multicolored ladder.
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Lubos dE Gerardo Surzin
Hi I'm Lubos de Gerardo Surzin, I am a digital matte-painter, concept artist with many years of experience in films, commercials and games.
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Karola Kressmayer
I'm in love with all kind of cyberstuff. The films 'Ghost in the Shell' and 'Blade Runner' for example. Mainly future visions in my brain and my dreams give me the most of my inspiration. I somehow feel connected to the cyberspace, since I got my first machine.
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Eduardo Peña
A lot of Masters influence my artistic style. Franzetta, Chris Foss, John Berkey, Ashley Wood, Moebius, Syd Mead. Also many basic things things like nature, music, movies.
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Nikita Veprikov
Kremenchug, UKRAINE
While freelancing and studying, I make my dreams come true with digital arts. I hope EXPOSÉ 7 will help my career.
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Carlos Ortega Elizalde
Guanajuato, MEXICO
Thanks a lot for the oppportunity and the chance to be part of such a great event in the digital arts field. I always wanted to grow myself as a digital artist as hard as I could; to gain a little space among the artists I admire most. Thanks to EXPOSÉ it is done!
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James Strehle
Ithaca, USA
One of the great things about creating digital art is that I can produce work almost as fast as I can think it up! Well maybe not quite that fast! but I can get far more ideas out there than I had in traditional mediums.
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Karice Martin
Toledo, USA
My style has been influenced by nearly everything I see in my day to day life. I could be looking at something as simple as a rock but if the light hits it right it could definitely spark up an idea for a new piece of artwork.
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Benjamin Parry
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
The best things about creating digital art are having loads of fun working on it, seeing it finished and always challenging yourself for styles and realism, and always getting things done by their deadlines.
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Ray Toh
San Diego, USA
I drew alot of inspiration from Jon Foster at first but I’m trying to spread myself up more so I can take in and recreate what is so call my personal expression of art.
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Dani Garcia
Barcelona, SPAIN
I love how the software and tools have evolved in the last few years, allowing me to create much better artwork, so I can only look forward to see how tools evolve and what will we be able to do with them.
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X3 Studios SRL (Valentin Neda pictured)
Timisoara, ROMANIA
When we found out we were featured, we just went Ballistic. It's great to be in EXPOSÉ, around some of the greatest digital artists worldwide.
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Jong-Won Park
Seoul, KOREA
Presently I work at NCsoft on the 'SteelDog' project. Digital art helps my fertile imagination. Very grateful for the book. EXPOSE forever ^_^.
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Mario Wibisono
Three years ago, I first saw some digital painting. It was the stunningly beautiful work of Linda Bergkvist that pulled my old hobby back into my vein. Since that time, I've been learning intensely how to create my own digital paintings.
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Yunwei Liao
Shenzhen, CHINA
Actually, many factors may affect my style of Art. My ideal was to be a cartoonist. I came across a video of Final Fantasy one day in high school which urged me to enter the field of Digital Art. Man seems to be fickle. Haha.
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Cornelia Lobsien
Toerber OT Vitense, GERMANY
People use to have great ideas, and their minds are filled with wonderful dreams. Digital Art is a great way to visualize those fantasies, dreams and ideas. I'm honored that Ballistic gave me the opportunity to share some of my dreams as well.
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Vanja Todoric
Novi Sad, SERBIA
Digital art allows me to do things I could not achieve using some of the traditional techniques. It gives me a whole new world of possibilities and it definitely makes creating art much more fun.
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John Strieder
Toerber OT Vitense, GERMANY
I do like to create things that do not or cannot exist in reality, but have a photoreal approach. The ideas for my images come up very spontaneously. Mostly I'm inspired by emotions, dreams and imagination. Thanks to Ballistic for featuring my work!
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Wang Shiyong
Wuhan, CHINA
Digital art is a door. There is different scenery when you open it each time. There is no restriction. It can include any image. I’m a King in the digital world, it will present to me whatever I want.
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Dave Seeley
Boston, USA
This is a fantastic relief of Robert Gould Shaw, who was the colonel in command of the all-black 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, which entered the American Civil War in 1863.
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Florian Delarque
Montfrin, FRANCE
To me, the best thing about creating digital art is that, on every new project I start, I know I will learn more. That's what I love about that job, I know all my life there will be always something new to learn artistically or technically.
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Cem Gul
Istanbul, TURKEY
Infinite experiments in a short time and endless possibilities that aren't limited by the technology. Great pixel quality is a plus. We're painting with light :)
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Daniel Dociu
Redmond, USA
For the last six years I've been with ArenaNet as Studio Art Director, with particular focus on the Guild Wars franchise. I split my spare time between teaching, giving lectures, entering competitions and a fair share of freelance projects.
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Dan Cormick
To have appeared in EXPOSE is like getting a stamp of approval on your work, and that can only mean good things.
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Nick Miles
Leamington Spa, GREAT BRITAIN
Like many of my peers, I have drawn since forever – it's a cornerstone of what I am. Digital art is a new frontier and I for one feel like I've been given the keys to the candy store!
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Roger Nobs
La Tour-de-Peilz, SWITZERLAND
This is me in front of the famous Chateau du Chillon in Montreux, Switzerland, taken by my seven year old son, Joseph. It is doubly an honor because it was my first CG Society competition, and such a privileged experience working alongside all these great artists.
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Sergey Skachkov
Novosibirsk, RUSSIA
I am really happy to have my work featured in EXPOSÉ 7 with such talented artists from around the world.
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Karan Shetty
Mumbai, INDIA
I would love to thank BALLISTIC PUBLICATIONS and all the JURY MEMBERS for considering my work and then publishing it. I will never forget this day for the rest of my life. I have never seen my parents so happy.
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Yang Xueguo
Kunming, CHINA
EXPOSÉ opens a big door to the world for me. Through it I can show my arts and talent to everyone in every place, let them know me and love my works. It is a big honor for me.
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Arthur Haas
I feel enormously honored to be awarded Master of Science-Fiction in this year's EXPOSÉ and am proud to be part of this international community of talent. I will try to keep this up, get the best out of myself and hope to be part of it again next year.
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Lee Griggs
Creating digital art gives me the freedom to explore where no man has gone before.
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Jeff Haynie
Kent, USA
This is me holding the book with Mt Rainier which is the 2nd tallest mountain in North America.
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Derrick Song
Singapore, SINGAPORE
It is a great exposure for me, a wonderful experience. I’m happy that my works are recognized by the well-known judges like Stephan Martiniere, Brom, Phil Straub and etc. From there, I get to know many great artists through EXPOSÉ, and it is a great chance to let other people to view my works as well.
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Till Nowak
Hamburg, GERMANY
Which ever way you look at it, EXPOSÉ 7 is a jewel. Thank you!
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Szymon Biernacki
Warsaw, POLAND
Staying creative in Poland.
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Yannick De Smet
Maldegem, BELGIUM
Digital art gives me the freedom to do almost anything. I always liked the fact that you can push and pull digital drawings, much like with a clay statue.
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Mojtaba Naderloo
Tehran, IRAN
I am always under the effect of Dylan Cole, Craig Mullins, Max Dennison, George Hull and my dear friend and master Borzoo Forooghmand. He is the Production Designer in Borsu Films Studio.
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Hamid Ibrahim
There is great satisfaction in bringing my ideas to reality and showing them to the world. In return this keeps me motivated to learn and create more. I am looking forward to working internationally in a CG related field if I get the chance.
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Antonio Javier Caparó
Toronto, CANADA
Being featured here together with some of the best artists in the world is a great honor and the best possible place to have my work showcased. It encouraged me to keep up the hard work and try to rise the bar for future projects.
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Morgan Yon
I find inspiration from all the other concept artists I see online and people I've met inside companies. I am working at Ubisoft Montpellier as a concept artist on various video game projects. I also find influences from the European comics field.
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Jason Godbey
Carlsbad, USA
The main artistic influence is the world around me. There's always inspiration found in the people I meet, the places I go to, and the situations I find myself in.
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Alexander Lashko
West Berlin, USA
My artistic style is influenced by everything that surrounds me: be it my family, friends, nature. I like observing environments that I am in at a given moment.
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Andrzej Kuziola
Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
I am a self-taught artist, so being published in EXPOSE is for me very important proof that I am doing well. I hope that such achievement will help me in the future looking for a job.
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Ke Chen
Chengdu, CHINA
There is nothing better to see than a beautiful environment. Thank you to all in Ballistic Publishing for making such a beautiful book.
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Jacob Charles Dietz
Phoenix, USA
I've always enjoyed the EXPOSÉ series as each edition was guaranteed to be filled with fabulous work from some of the most amazing digital artists in the world and now being among them is truly an honor that I won't soon forget.
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Patrick J. Jones
Frank Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, William Waterhouse and the Victorian classic romanticists, all got stirred into a mix many years ago and out I popped.
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Patrick Eischen
For the most part I take my inspiration from movies and comics since I am a huge comic fan and from watching and studying the impressive works of great artists as for example Marek Denko, Jonas Thörnqvist and Oliver Ponsonnet just to name a few.
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Jerry LoFaro
Henniker, USA
Thank you Ballistic
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Li Jia Tan
Rowland Heights, USA
I am always influenced by the incredible work of my peers and the uber-talented folk in the industry that EXPOSÉ does such a good job of showcasing. I am also heavily influenced by traditional illustrators and great masters as well as current scientific and fashion trends.
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Melis Seylan
Istanbul, TURKEY
It's a honor to be featured in EXPOSE 7 and it's great to be with talented people from all around the world together in this unique book.
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Jesse van Dijk
I'm very honoured to be part of the Exposé series. It's truly an outstanding collection of beautiful artworks.
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Leonie Jannien Baauw
The best thing of digital art is that it doesn't take much space. It's less expensive than oil paint and you can work way more detailed. Your creation matches more with the image in your brain. Options with computer are amazing.
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Andrew Hickinbottom
Thanks for the oppurtunity to have not one, but two pieces of my work published in such a well known and established book!
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Chainarong Watcharinkarn
Thank you again for EXPOSE 7
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Phillip Gerlitz
Burnaby, CANADA
As a young self taught artist, it is a great honor to be published in such a highly acclaimed art book, with some of the most renowned digital artists in the world! I would like to thank everyone at Ballistic Publishing for the inclusion of my artwork.
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Piotr Fox Wysocki
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
The best thing about creating digital art is creation itself. Freedom. Besides that, you can do something that don't exist, or change reality.
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Lauri Tuulik
Tallinn, ESTONIA
Feelings and life! Art lets me work out my problems. It also gives me the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want!
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Sandeson Gonzaga
Hopefully, this will mean more work for me in the future. It also encourages me to try even harder. I am amazed at the skill and vision of my fellow included artists!
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Makar Verigo
Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
When i was notified that i has been selected as a Master Artist, i got that "i know kung-fu" feeling. It was like an endorphin overdose, i just sitting and staring at the Awards Committee list - each one of them is a live legend. This is a best reward for the past efforts and a strong motivation to go further.
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Jaroslaw Bieda
Krakow, POLAND
It is great honor to be published next to so many amazing Artists. Congratulations All - keep raising the bar!
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Nakai Wen
Taipei, TAIWAN
I am very grateful for Ballistic. It's my first time that I am selected by EXPOSÉ 7. It's a great honour for me that my work been presented in EXPOSÉ 7 together with other great artworks from the whole world!
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Yegor Kalynychenko
Vila Franca de Xira, PORTUGAL
I have no artistic style, I paint how I want to. Creating digital art allows me the willingness and patience for better results. Being in the book makes me more than happy, thank you.
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Yap Kun Rong
Tokyo, JAPAN
EXPOSÉ is really the book I looked up to since I first saw it years ago. To be in it is just wonderful. I think EXPOSÉ is like a kind of recognition in this field and so it really strengthens an artist's resume.
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Kirsten Zirngibl
North Canton, USA
I'm interested in concept art, matte painting, editorial illustration, 3D modeling, and industrial design. While my 'dream career' would combine all of these, I'll probably have to choose just a couple to pursue professionally.
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Sergio Sotomayor
Murcia, SPAIN
I get my inspiration by looking at nature and from the infinite possibilities within the quantum universe. I use technology as a tool in my work about the "non-reality" or "apparent reality".
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Manh Hung Nguyen
Hi to all the talented CG artists in the world. I'm Hana Nguyen. Here is my Daddy with his EXPOSÉ 7 book. My Daddy was so happy with this book and I hope I will have something in EXPOSÉ 30.
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Chen Qingfeng
Xiamen, CHINA
EXPOSÉ has helped me to get to know some friends and some new clients have found me. In future, I hope can make more and more projects and make my team bigger.
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Nicolas Collings
Montréal, CANADA
Being in EXPOSÉ gives great exposure. Having my work published in the finest digital art book of the world can obviously brings new contact network.
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Der Jen
Taoyuan City, TAIWAN
You may notice an obvious influence in my images from ancient Chinese civilization. I was born into a highly educated aristocratic family and I immersed myself in many deep Chinese historical stories and classic Chinese literature. My career is steeped in drawing this knowledge out into creative imagery.
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Rui Xu
New York, USA
As a very young digital artist, I had to learn a lot about art, history, science, geography and fiction. I kept watching more, reading more, experiencing more. By dong this, I developed passion for the world.
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Marcin Jakubowski
Gdansk, POLAND
What I like most in this job is not painting, but using my imagination and dreaming. Digital painting gives me the freedom that I wouldn't have in traditional media.
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Jose Luis Sendra Noguera
Gandia Valencia, SPAIN
I am very honored to be part of this book, and I'd like to thank Ballistic and all the judges for including my image in EXPOSÉ. I hope this publication will open the doors to a brighter professional future.
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Tiong-seah Yap
I would like to thank Ballistic for featuring my work. I really appreciate it. Influences come from everywhere; from people I meet, things I see and I always open myself up to happily accept any kind of new adventure.
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Seokchan Yoo
Seoul, KOREA
I must say, seeing new and exciting designs at shopping malls, helps me a lot to get creative ideas. Right now, creating more fascinating game advert images that amaze the world is my number one goal.
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Karla Diaz
Santiago, CHILE
I think my influences follow two drifts: all the good old art from Disney and the Japanese animation and oriental digital art. I want my style to be very expressive, give a life to each character I draw, as well as the backgrounds.
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Marco Bauriedel
Hamburg, GERMANY
In my day-to-day job I'm working as CGI and Compositing Artist/TD on stills and animation for big clients in the advertising industry. It's great to be part of EXPOSÉ again beside all these fantastic artists from all over the globe.
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Daniel Ljunggren
Stockholm, SWEDEN
I hope I'll always get better, constantly learning things and sharing the joy and inspiration that painting rewards me with.
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Boyang Zhu
Shanghai, CHINA
Being in EXPOSÉ is such a huge encouragement for me. I feel so excited and really motivated, and I'm ready to learn more and do more great works.
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Teodoru Badiu
There are no frontiers within digital art, the only frontier is the imagination. The compositing abilities are just great and I can use any kind of media, like scanned textures, digital photographs, 3D worlds and characters, drawings and paintings in order to make my visions come true.
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Ruan Jia
Fuzhou, CHINA
I find inspiration in many places. Thank you Ballistic Publishing!
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Jian Guo
Shanghai, CHINA
Thank you so much for bringing us all together in one book!
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Bala Subramanian
Hyderabad, INDIA
Ecstasy. I feel very happy when I achieve something which I planned to do. Especially in my digital works. I’m a learning artist and not a master. So theres a long way to go…
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Vincent Guibert
St Michel, FRANCE
Maybe more people will be interested in what I can do with my work in EXPOSÉ. And it's a nice recognition of my personal work, which is important to me since creating illustrations is pretty different from what I do in my professional life.
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Anne Pogoda
With digital art, you have an unlimited palette of choices/possibilities to work on one simple thing. There isn't only one way any longer, you can combine any technique and simply live your creativity however you want. This is the future and it's awesome!
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Sergio Melero Llamas
Benidorm, SPAIN
My style in influenced by many disciplines: cinema, video games, comic, literature... If I have to emphasize an artistic style, that could de featured in the majority of my works, this one would be the Art Noveau graphic style.
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Andrius Balciunas
When I was younger, I was way too impressed with game CG cinematics and movies. That naturally led me to become an artist myself doing something with that inspiration.
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Donglu Yu
Montreal, CANADA
Working for Eidos Interactive, I decided to submit some work on the advice of my fiancé Jack Zhang. So glad I did.
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Viki Yeo
Seoul, KOREA
My artistic style is inspired by music. When I was making my latest work, I was listening to some music that was so sad. The music affected me deeply. The technique is important too but it isn't everything. We have something computers can't use. It is emotion.
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Sara Justesen
Rosston, USA
There is so much that influences myself and my art style. I'm inspired by so many things and they all play a part in who I am and how I work.
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Getabo Hagiwara
Fukuoka-shi, JAPAN
I am very happy for the people of the world to see both my artworks in the EXPOSE book and the photo of me here with the book. It is the answer to a lot of my wishes.
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Ravinder Sembi
EXPOSE is filled with the most amazing art. With digital art, you're only limited by your imagination and with the share of speed and flexibility you can create a great peace of art. There's also the undo button. It’s surely a great honor to be part of a great collection of artists.
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Isaak Lien
Alhambra, USA
I am very excited that my work got in. This is the first time I have tried to enter and the first time I got my work published. Yay EXPOSÉ!
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Henryca Citra
Digital art is all about creating vision from an imagination. We can pour through a lot of idea development inside, and bring visual experiments outside without any limitations.
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Jukka Tahtinen
Norrkoping, SWEDEN
I feel it's a great honor being in the book. I really feel like it's an achievement of one of my life goals. A proof of what I'm doing is 'good'. I really hope people looking at EXPOSÉ will spot my work and become interested in my work.
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Feng Guo
Shanghai, CHINA
I regard the abstraction and integration of the originality and materials as the most important factor. The soul of the creation is attributed to the originality, while the realization of the visual effects is based on the materials. So, they are both indispensable.

Don Webster
Middletown, USA
I began visualizing military concepts for DARPA in the late 60s, and into the beginning of computer based visual creation in the 80's. With retirement, I had both the time and money to try my hand at digital art. My eldest son is now heading up the modeling and animation dept at VA Tech. While he teaches Maya and ZBrush, he put me onto modo and Mudbox.
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Lius Lasahido
Stanley Lau inspired me to try working digitally, with influences from Craig Mullins and Linda Berkgvist. I currently work as digital artist at Caravan Studio, creating artworks for cards illustration, comic books, and concept art for video games.
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Kerem Beyit
Ankara, TURKEY
I am influenced with every visual input, I can be inspired by the use of light in a movie setting. I would try and imitate the masters such as Frazetta, Vallejo and Jusko. At present, the style I appreciate the most are Jim Murray, Todd Lockwood, and Scott M. Fischer.
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Hoang Le
Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM
With digital art, I can express my feelings. I can bring my emotion into my characters. And I can share all my opinions about life and everything to people. It's interesting that they have the same opinions or some differences.
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Bente Schlick
Hamburg, GERMANY
At age 19, I had my first graphics tablet. I was sceptical and thought I could never work with it. Then I discovered CGSociety and saw all the amazing art. Today I can't imagine living without it. And look where I am now-- on the cover of EXPOSÉ 7!
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Alessandro Baldasseroni
Los Angeles, USA
I love the flexibility and versatility of digital art. The opportunity to experiment with different approaches and techniques without having to redo things from scratch, to easily mix media.
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Ben Althoff
Baltimore, USA
I have only been doing digital art for about two years and I know I have a lot to learn. I'm hoping it opens new doors with new people who can teach me even more.
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Jack Zhang
Montreal, CANADA
Books, films, photos, art and digital art works inspire me. Life is full of surprises. I keep my eyes and mind open to be inspired all the time.
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