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The finest international collection of Digital Art
Celebrate the world's finest new digital art. EXPOSÉ 7 showcases the year’s best artists and art from a record number of entries. With 391 inspiring images prepared by 288 artists from 51 countries, you will discover the very best work across 20 different categories. spacer
Judged by industry leaders
, EXPOSÉ 7 is a truly international collection.

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1. Bente Schlick ‘Touch of Gold’
2. Daniel Dociu ‘Guild Wars: Steam Demon’
3. Arthur Haas ‘Jungleman’
4. Simon Dominic ‘The Sculptor’
5. Kekai Kotaki ‘Slayer’

6. Liang Yue ‘Wielding a brush’
7. Marta Dahlig ‘Judith’
8. Alexandru Popescu ‘Sail City’

EXPOSÉ 7 Awards Committee

Stephan Martiniere
Stephan Martiniere
Internationally-renowned science fiction and fantasy artist and EXPOSÉ 4 Grand Master. An accomplished concept artist, he has worked on movies such as 'I Robot', 'Star Wars' (Episode II & III), 'Virus', and 'Red Planet'. He is currently Art Director at ID software on upcoming game 'Rage'.
Max Dennison
Founder of Matte Painting UK Ltd. He has worked on numerous high-profile projects including: ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’, ‘XMen III’, ‘Superman Returns’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘Star Wars: Episode III’, ‘Black Adder Back and Forth’, ‘Lost (Series 3)’, and ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’.
Chris Stoski
Senior Matte Artist at ImageMoversDigital, Chris has worked on films such as: 'Star Trek', 'The Last Samurai', 'The Ring', 'Jurassic Park III', 'Catwoman', 'Star Wars Episode III', 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2/3', 'Lions for Lambs', 'Indiana Jones IV and the 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull', and 'Iron Man'.
Lorne Lanning
Lorne Lanning
Co-Founder, President, and Creative Director of Oddworld Inhabitants. He serves as a member of the Visual Effects Society, the Wired Brain Trust, and Executive Vice Chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Lorne is now at work on his first feature film, ‘Citizen Siege’.
A painter of anything that is nasty and bites. For 20 years his work has featured in books, games, and film. His paintings are collected in two art books ‘Darkwerks’ and ‘Offerings’. Recently, he turned his hand to writing a series of illustrated novels. His first novel ‘The Plucker’ received a Chesley Award.
Phil Straub
Art Director and Concept Artist for a wide range of clients including, Electronics Arts, NCSoft, Mattel, Vivendi Universal, and Disney. In addition to overseeing three Concept/Visual development groups for some of the biggest names in the games industry, he is also co-author of d’artiste: Digital Painting.
Christopher Sloan
Christopher Sloan
Director of Mission Projects, National Geographic Magazine. Sloan is charged with exploring how to take the content of National Geographic Society activity into new online and 3D mediums. He is also editor in charge of story development in archaeology, paleontology, and paleoanthropology.
Alex Morris
Alex Morris
Director at leading architecture firm Hayes Davidson, responsible for many landmark images of its Millennium Projects including the Dome and the Tate Modern. Alex is an advisory board member of a number of key industry organizations and magazines including The CGSociety.

Publishing Information
Limited Edition:
Hard cover: 978-1-921002-62-5
Soft cover: 978-1-921002-64-9
Pages: 240 (LE) / 224 (HC/SC)
Publishers: Mark Snoswell, Daniel P. Wade

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Master Award winners
Marta Dahlig
Ralph McQuarrie
Yang Xueguo
Jack Zhang & Donglu Yu
Olivier Charles
Makar Verigo
Jack Zhang

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