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EXPOSÉ 7 Cover Art Revealed

We’re very excited to unveil the EXPOSÉ 7 cover art and cover artist as the first of many announcements in the lead-up to the launch of EXPOSÉ 7. Bente Schlick's ‘Touch of Gold’ was chosen from a field of remarkable entries and reflected a strong showing of fantasy and character art in EXPOSÉ 7. Congratulations to Bente and all the other artists who helped to make this the best EXPOSÉ book yet.

Bente"I feel very honored that my painting ‘Touch of Gold’ has been chosen to be the cover of EXPOSÉ 7, and that I will be lined up with all those great past EXPOSÉ cover artists. The painting came to mind last summer, when I was walking through the forest. It was a hot day, but it was chilly in the forest because only a few sunrays came through the trees.

They gave the forest ground a beautiful glow, and I wanted to somehow capture that moment. It was a peaceful moment, a moment to pause. That's what I wanted to transfer to the painting. She looks at you placidly, knowingly, questioningly, with an almost-smile as if she could tell you a thousand stories. I didn't see the fairy  in the forest that day, but I swear that she was there."

Bente Schlick, EXPOSÉ 7 Cover Artist

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