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Q: Is entry free? A: Yes, entry is completely free. It costs us to manage the entries and have them judged.
Q: How do artists benefit? A: Ballistic Publishing’s goal is to promote digital artists. Artists who are successful in being selected for a Ballistic book receive substantial international exposure to potential employers, fans and their peers. We're very proud of the testimonials and feedback from featured artists as they have received the recognition and opportunities that their talents richly deserve. Many of these artists have already worked on exciting game and film projects for major studios. We also track the number of artists being featured in Ballistic books for the first time which is between one third and one half of entries which shows that we are constantly promoting new artists to the community. Artist promotion also extends beyond publication of the book with feature articles on many artists appearing on The CGSociety site, and artists also working on other Ballistic book titles.
Q: Do artists get a royalty? A: While other Ballistic Publishing authored books pay royalties to authors, compilations like EXPOSÉ, EXOTIQUE, and ELEMENTAL do not and cannot pay call for entry artists for the non-exclusive right to show their images. It has been calculated that the total potential royalty per artist turns out to be similar in cash value to a book, which we give all artists including shipping. The benefits of free entry, a free book and representation to the worldwide CG industry far outweigh any objections raised which is why our Call for Entries for individual books have attracted up to 7,000 entries.

Other publications charge a fee to enter images, where artists get nothing and the proceeds of the book only benefit the individuals creating the book. We have built a system where everyone wins:

•  Free entry with no limits on the number of entries means that everyone can enter.
•  Featured artists are given a free copy of the book -- including free shipping.
•  Ballistic Publishing are delivering high end, high quality, mass exposure to studios worldwide where recruiters are using it to find talent.
•  Artists are using Ballistic Publishing books to showcase their work when finding jobs by showing employers that their work has been published in the world's leading digital art publication.
•  Some featured artists go on to be authors of Ballistic Publishing books. John Wallin, Rob Chang, Linda Bergkvist and Philip Straub became the first authors of the d'artiste series by Ballistic Publishing.
•  Proceeds from book sales go towards supporting the The CGSociety and community events like the CG challenges and more.
•  There is nothing like seeing your work in print in the world's leading digital art publication. Artists continue to rave about their work being published!
Q: So if artists don't get a royalty, what renumeration do they get? A: Artists accepted into EXPOSÉ 9 get a free copy of the book when it is published (shipping and handling fees paid for). They can also order a copy of the Limited Artist's Edition (leather bound) collectors book at a heavily discounted price.
Q: Can I send you a CD with all my images on it? A: No. Please use the online submission system.
Q: Can I upload low resolution JPGs first, then if you accept my work, send you the high resolution artwork? A: No. Please submit the full resolution image using the online submission system.
Q: I'm having trouble submitting artwork, who should I contact? A: Email submissions@ballisticmedia.net
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