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Steven Stahlberg - is an award-winning digital artist working with Optidigit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His prolific artwork has been displayed on many publications and websites. - Steven Stahlberg Website -
Alex Alvarez - Alex is founder and director of The Gnomon Workshop and of Gnomon - School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. Alex is a moderator on CGTalk.com and has had work published in many industry magazines, websites and books. - Alex Alvarez Website -
Robert “Lunatique” Chang - Robert is an artist/ creator who worked in comic books, illustration, video games etc. He is currently working on his own animated CG short film, and participates in various digital art forums. Robert currently resides in Fuzhou, China for the duration of his CG short film production. - Robert Chang Website -
Kirt Stanke - Somewhere between raising 3 children, working a full-time job and moderating on CGTalk.com, Kirt finds time to work overtime on his passion for digital illustration and character design. He’s currently organizing and directing the collaborative efforts of several CGTalk members in the production of a short 3D Sci-Fi comedy film.
Pascal Blanché - Pascal Blanché is an accomplished 3D artist currently working at Ubisoft in Montreal, Canada. He is a moderator on CGTalk.com and is well known in 3D circles all over the world. - Pascal Blanché Website -
Tito “Lildragon” Belgrave - Tito A. Belgrave, also known as "Lildragon", is the Director of Community Development at CGNetworks with direct responsibility over the CGTalk.com community for digital visual effects professionals. Tito also runs his own studio aptly named Eye Candy Studios.
William "Proton" Vaughan - William is the LightWave 3D Evangelist at NewTek. The recipient of several New Media Addy awards, William has produced much 3D work for print, web, multimedia, games and broadcast.
- William Vaughan Website -
Jeff Mottle - is the President and Founder of CGarchitect.com and is the Creative Director – North America for Smoothe, an award winning design communication firm based in London, Manchester and Calgary. - Jeff Mottle Website -

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