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In each category (with exception to the EXPOSÉ Grand Master award) EXPOSÉ will honor both 3D and 2D (illustration) entries separately. Master (gold) and Excellence (silver) awards will be given in the following categories:

In addition to showcasing the world’s best digital art, the EXPOSÉ AWARDS will honor the best artists in a diverse range of categories and styles.

The EXPOSÉ AWARDS celebrate the highest artistic achievement in a diverse range of categories and styles. The award recipients will demonstrate the astounding fusion of artistic and technical excellence that the explosion of digital tools opens up to the modern artist.
Grand Master Award - Grand Master recognition may also be given for any category if there is an outstanding entry that warrants this highest level of recognition. The editors and jury may also bestow Grand Master awards for artists that have demonstrated an outstanding skill and contribution to the advancement of digital art in any area or style.
Award Winner >
Character in Repose - Recognizes the greatest talent in bringing a character to life. This is independent of style or of the organic or mechanical nature of the character. The defining criterion is the ability the artist demonstrates in bringing the subject to life. This encompasses technical skill, believability, composition and, perhaps most of all, emotion. Award Winners >
Character in Action - Honors the highest achievement in capturing a character in action. This category celebrates the artist that best captures the sheer power, energy and elegance of a character in motion. Although many digital artists aspire to create animations that come to life, it is a rare talent to capture expressive motion frozen in a moment in time.
Award Winners >
Abstract & Design - Recognizes the most outstanding image that is predominantly abstract. Here the artist’s design and artistic expression are paramount in creating an image that defies categorization and excels in its pure design and visual appeal. Award Winners >
Mechanical - Celebrates the best device or part of a device. This category is highly dependant on the artist’s ability to demonstrate an excellence in technical design and execution. This includes both the intricacy of subject design and the technical excellence of modeling, texturing, lighting, illustration. Award Winners >
Architectural - Awards the best architectural visualization. This is independent of style or setting. The defining criterion here is the artist’s ability to create an image that is not just believable but is inspirational, and in particular, evokes a desire to visit the location / building / space. Award Winners >
Environment - Recognizes the best set or location. This could be indoors, outdoors, underwater, in space – wherever. Here the artist’s ability to evoke a sense of wonder and a wish to see more is paramount. This category demands a combination of artistic interpret-ation, detail, and lighting to create a believable and enticing (or evocative) environment. Award Winners >
Still Life - Honors the best rendition of a still life scene. The category stretches the artist’s technical and artistic talents. The artist’s ability to select the subject, set design, light, texture and artfully render the scene is paramount in this category. Award Winners >
Transport - Awards the best device for moving about in. Whether exotic vehicle, classical Venetian gondola or animal to be ridden, this category seeks out the best images of transportation. The defining quality sought after here is the artist’s ability to capture and evoke the desire to travel to a place, or by a mode of transport or to travel in a particular way.
Award Winners >
Fantasy - Honors the highest achievement in the mythic fantasy style. Here the artist’s talent in evoking an emotional response or attachment with the image is paramount. This category focuses on the mythic or fairy-tale aspects of the work. Excellence in all technical aspects is a must so as to create the evocation of atmosphere required. Award Winners >
Humorous - Recognizes the most amusing image. Whether 2D or 3D, cartoon, humorous, satirical or just plain ridiculous. This category is all about making the viewer smile and even laugh out loud. Award Winners >
Evocative - Special awards may also be given for the most evocative images. The ability to convey and evoke an emotional response or empathy in the viewer is often the most sought after element in any artist’s work. We will be honoring the artists who demonstrate this rarest of skills – regardless of the emotion evoked – love, pity, longing, joy, terror, horror, wonder… Award Winner >

  EXPOSÉ is a phenomenal global success, sold worldwide and receiving critical acclaim from all quarters of the digital art industry.


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