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Syd Mead - One of the most celebrated concept designers of our time. His most well-known works include production designs for Blade Runner, TRON, Aliens and 2010, the pivotal science fiction movies that got many budding visual effects artists inspired to enter professional careers in this field.
Chris Sloan - Art Director for the National Geographic Magazine, commissioning non-photographic art, illustrations and diagrams for the magazine. Sloan is also the magazine’s specialist in paleontology and paleoanthropology, writing articles for National Geographic including ‘Feathers for T. rex’ as well as several award-winning children’s books.
Lorne Lanning - President/Creative Director and Co-Founder of the award winning video game development company Oddworld Inhabitants. He serves as a member of the Visual Effects Society, the Wired Brain Trust, as well as the Executive Vice Chairman of the Academy of Arts and Sciences (AIAS).

Bay Raitt - Renowned as the 3D modeler and creature facial lead for the Lord of the Rings trilogy at Weta Digital. A key feature of his career was modeling and animating the character Gollum in this motion picture.

Diana Walczak - Co-founder of the pioneering animation house Kleiser-Walczak who led the way in creating convincing digital actors, or Synthespians, in the late 1980s. Walczak is a classically trained sculptor, and her talent has been instrumental in the studio’s success.
Feng Zhu - Has worked on a diverse array of projects, including video games, TV commericals, film design and amusement park rides. Clients include Lucasfilm, Disney, Blur Studio, Electronic Arts, For Lucasfilm, Zhu focused on new environments, and hard-surface designs including vehicles, droids and props for Star Wars: Episode III.
Alex Morris - Director of 3D at Hayes Davidson - UK's largest and most experienced digital communications company specializing in 3D and new media for the architecture and commercial property world. Notable London projects include The Millennium Dome, The London Eye, The Millennium Bridge and The Tate Gallery of Modern Art.
Andrew Hartness - Architect and 3D coordinator at Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris for the past two years, specializing in reactive modelling techniques, final image production and architectural design.His style and methods are currently beginning to interest 3D-based software developers the world over.

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