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The Limited Edition release includes an additional 16 pages of artist profiles and 8 limited edition prints, unavailable with the hardcover or softcover editions.
EXPOSÉ 5 showcases 298 examples of the best digital artwork, selected by our professional jury and reproduced to the highest quality. This year's selection features the work of 108 previously unpublished artists presented over 240 pages.

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Free bonus prints with Limited Editions*
Expose 4 prints
*A set of eight bonus prints are yours free when you purchase EXPOSÉ 5 Limited Edition. Each print is 220x297mm and finished to the highest quality.

1. Melanie Delon Elixir
2. John Berkey Chronicles of the Lensman, Vol. 2
3. Stephan Martiniere Bright of sky
4. Nykolai Aleksander The Sentinel

5. Andre Kutscherauer Selfillumination 2
6. Katarina Sokolova Chio chio san
7. Aleksi Briclot Hellgate: London cover
8. Mike Dearden-Clarke Continental exploration

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