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PAINTER Judging Panel includes: John Derry, Andrew Jones, Howard Lyon, Don Seegmiller, Philip Straub, Jeremy Sutton, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis, and Ryan Church. Read more about the PAINTER Committee >>
The PAINTER Awards have been judged by a highly talented group of industry leaders. To reflect the broad range of work created using Corel Painter we chose twelve categories in which the PAINTER Awards were judged in. Award recipients will demonstrate an outstanding fusion of artistic and technical excellence. Master (gold) and Excellence (silver) awards were given in the following categories:
Character in Repose Character in Repose - Recognizes the greatest talent in bringing a character to life. The judging criteria for entries encompassed technical skill, believability, composition and, most of all, emotion. The overall challenge was to test the artistís ability to breathe life into their character whether human, creature or robot. Award Winner >>
Character in Action Character in Action - Honors the highest achievement in capturing the sheer power, energy and elegance of a character in motion. Although many digital artists aspire to create animations that come to life, it is a rare talent to capture expressive motion frozen in a moment in time. Award Winner >>
Portraits Portraits - The Portraits category was a new one for a Ballistic Publishing book . The judging criterion for the category was to create a portrait that conveyed the personality of the subject while encompassing technical skill, believability, and composition. Award Winner >>
Concept Art Concept Art – Recognizes the highest achievement in bringing a concept into being, whether for a movie, TV or game environment. The defining criterion for this category is to convey a sense of place and drama. Technical skill, composition, color palette and mood all contribute to the success of a concept piece. Award Winner >>
Fantasy Fantasy - Honors the highest achievement in the mythic fantasy style. The artist's talent in evoking an emotional response or attachment with the image is paramount. This category focuses on the mythic or fairytale aspects of the work. Excellence in all technical aspects is a must so as to create the evocation of atmosphere required. Award Winner >>
Editorial Illustration Editorial Illustration - Honors entries which told a visual story in the context of a publication whether it be a book, magazine or newspaper. Successful entries combined artistic interpretation with styles which were sympathetic to their medium. This included technical skills, and also the skill of telling a story. Award Winner >>
Humorous Humorous - Recognizes the most amusing image whether cartoon, humorous, satirical or just plain ridiculous. This category is all about making the viewer smile or to even laugh out loud. Award Winner >>
Enviroment Environment - Recognizes the best set or location whether indoors, outdoors, underwater, or in space. The artist's ability to evoke a sense of wonder and a wish to see more is paramount. This category demands a combination of artistic interpretation, detail and lighting to create a believable and enticing environment. Award Winner >>
Wildlife Wildlife - Awards the greatest talent in breathing life into a wild animal or pet. The defining criterion was the artistís ability to give their animal presence. This encompassed technical skill, believability, composition and emotion. Award Winner >>
Still Life Still Life - Recognizes the the best rendition of a still life scene. The category stretched the artistís technical and artistic talents. The artistís ability to select the subject, set design, light, texture and artfully render the scene was paramount in this category Award Winner >>
Transport Transport - Awards the best device for moving about in. The defining quality sought after here is the artist's ability to capture and evoke the desire to travel to a place, or by a mode of transport or to travel in a particular way. Award Winner >>
Abstract/Surreal Abstract/Surreal - Recognizes the highest achievement in bringing a surreal or abstract scene into being. This encompasses technical skill, composition and, perhaps more than any other category, emotion. Award Winner >>