The Art Of The Game
God of War 3
This softcover edition stands at a whopping 320 pages – the largest of the Art of the Game books from Ballistic Publishing. Featuring concept and production art from the hugely-popular game, as well as never-before-seen art, this edition is the perfect companion to any Gears of War game. more >
Art of Gears of War 3

God of War 3
The 272-page book takes you behind the scenes on a visual history tour of the revenge-epic, and for the first time shows you more than 100 pieces of art that didn't appear in the game—The Lost Art of God of War III. From concept art, to character studies, environment art. more >
Art of God of War III

Uncharted 2
The 272-page book showcases the amazing unseen art and ideas that helped make UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves one of the most universally and critically acclaimed games ever created. From concept art, to character studies, environment art, character modeling, game art, cinematics, motion-capture, animation, and effects. more >
Uncharted 2

The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants: The First Ten Years 1994 - 2004 is a high quality art book featuring the artistic journey of the legendary game company Oddworld Inhabitants from its first ten years - from Lorne Lanning's vision of the first Oddworld hero in 1994 to the present. more >

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