The Art of God of War™ III: An Epic Visual History The Art of the Game series continues with another gaming epic in God of War III. Ballistic Publishing has partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC and Santa Monica Studio to produce The Art of God of War III.

The 272-page book takes you behind the scenes on a visual history tour of the revenge-epic, and for the first time shows you more than 100 pieces of art that didn't appear in the game—The Lost Art of God of War III.

From concept art, to character studies, environment art, character modeling, and production art, The Art of God of War III shows you how the Santa Monica Studio team supersized the final installment of the God of War trilogy.

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Limited Folio Edition: 978-1-921002-73-1
Hard cover Special Edition: 978-1-921002-74-8
Soft cover: 978-1-921002-72-4
Pages: 272 (FE/SE/SC)
Publisher: Daniel P. Wade
GOD OF WAR 3    
GOD OF WAR 3    
GOD OF WAR 3    

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