The Art of the Game series continues with another gaming epic in God of War III. Ballistic Publishing has partnered with Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC and Santa Monica Studio to produce The Art of God of War III. The 272-page book takes you behind the scenes on a visual history tour of the revenge-epic, and for the first time shows you more than 100 pieces of art that didn't appear in the gameóThe Lost Art of God of War III. From concept art, to character studies, environment art, character modeling, and production art, The Art of God of War III shows you how the Santa Monica Studio team supersized the final installment of the God of War trilogy.
The ‘Lost Art’ of God of War III:  The Art of God of War III showcases not only the amazing art that helped to create the game, but also the art that didn’t appear in the final game. Over 100 pieces of ‘Lost Art’ are featured in the book from character and environment concepts right through to modeled characters and environments. Each piece of lost art is labeled with a Ω symbol throughout the book.
The talent assembled for the creation of God of War III was nothing short of awe-inspiring. As you flip through each page of The Art of God of War III, you’ll be mesmerized by beauty and then revolted by the wretchedness of characters and monsters designed to shock and awe you at every turn. You won’t see art presented this well in any other book, or at this size—a massive 272-pages!
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The Art of God of War III takes you behind the scenes of the early development of the game with storyboards of the introductory sequence, the E3 2008 trailer, Kratos’ battle with Cronos, and the final showdown between Kratos and Zeus. These simple sketches show you how the original ideas for story and gameplay began to form between the game director and visual development artists.
The Art of the Game series focuses on the art, and the artists who create it. Each featured artist tells you what they were thinking as they created individual characters or environments, and what the constraints were within the gameplay or continuity with previous God of War games. Nowhere else will you get a better appreciation of the skills and thinking that goes into a major game production, or the personalities of the artists working on these amazing projects.
For the game art connoisseur, we offer the pinnacle of collectible art books with The Art of God of War III Limited Folio Edition. This edition is all about presentation with suede-leather binding, a suede-leather presentation case with lifting ribbon, an individually-numbered, and hand-signed certificate by the game’s creators, and to add a touch of awesome—a ‘Blade of Exile’ metal-carved cover ornament on the book’s cover.
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God of War III is an epic character-based adventure that sees Kratos meet and defeat a staggering number of creatures and deities in his quest for revenge. The Art of God of War III takes you from the early concepts of key characters and enemies, through to the fully-modeled stage with explanations from the artists of what they were trying to achieve and how they got there.
Breathtaking environment art: The God of War universe spans the heavens, the earth, and the underworld. This diverse range of environments is on show with the spectacular environment concept art, and beautifully-realized environment production art created by the Santa Monica Studio Environment Team. The Art of God of War III provides wonderful insights by the artists in what it takes to create spectacular backdrops that work with the narrative and the action of a blockbuster.

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