Ballistic Publishing and Philip Straub take the fantasy graphic novel to the next level with their latest release, Utherworlds.

Utherworlds combines a fantasy novel with written and spoken languages, maps, and stunning paintings in a large format that shows Phil Straub's artwork like never before.

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About Phil Straub

Philip StraubAs an Art Director, Philip Straub has worked with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry including: Vivendi Universal; Electronic Arts; NCSoft; and Big Fish Games. Philip’s work has appeared in over 30 childrens’ books, and he has co-authored three digital art tutorial books including d’artiste Digital Painting.

In the entertainment industry he has worked with many clients including: Mattel; Fisher Price; Disney; Universal Studios; Warner Bros; DC Comics; and Knowledge Adventure.

He also teaches an annual online Concept Art class to students around the globe. Philip is a founding member of The CGSociety and regularly contributes to the illustration and digital art communities by judging illustration competitions including: The Society of Illustrators; PAINTER; EXPOSÉ; and CG Challenges hosted by The CGSociety.

Philip’s licensed designs appear on a variety of products including: books; games; wall murals; scrap-booking; gifts; stationery; apparel; and textiles. As a freelance illustrator his work has appeared on: broadcast media; book jackets; CD and magazine covers; trading cards; feature films; and advertising campaigns.

Publishing Information
(Hard Cover) 978-1-921002-61-8, (Limited Edition): 978-1-921002-65-6  
Pages: 112 pages
Dimensions: 247mm x 384mm (9.7” x 15.1”)
Authors: Philip Straub and Mark Snoswell
Editors: Daniel Wade and Gemma White
Publishers: Daniel Wade and Mark Snoswell
Shipping: Late September


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