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Lilith, Demoness of Waste
Part of a set, Lilith is one of my three Demoness designs. Lilith is the Demoness of Waste, her apathetic attitude and careless concern for life makes any human a victim. Lilith is the eldest and fearful for the knowledge she holds. I wanted to go for a Charcoal looking medium. I didn't use any reference for either demon, but I did go for a specific facial structure. Lilith was based on a more exotic look, like an Italian/Spanish facial structure. Long faces, sharper features and of course piercing eyes. Her horns are like an antelope but more crazy. 5 hrs

Copyright (C) Sasha Palacio 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Sasha Palacio
Artist Country: US
Entered for:
Company: The Art of Sasha Palacio
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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