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Two of Swords - Arabian Nights
The group I'm part of, Girls Drawin' Girls, gave some members a chance participate in a Tarot themed Art show, where we could choose from any Minor Cards. I chose the Two of Swords mainly for it's meaning, the Decisions/Choices card. So when I started this piece, I thought about the 2 swords. I told myself I wanted to make them look beautiful, but the original claymores designs were so boring and ugly in my opinion. The straightness of the claymores ruins the composition, shooting the eye flow out the piece. So I thought to use the sword design I loved the most, Scimitars, which were usually Arabian swords. From there I followed down theme with a Arabian Nights storybook look. I always wanted to make a Persian/Arabian themed piece so I was very excited. I chose a belly dancer mainly for the detail in their jewelry and their gorgeous figure. Meanwhile I ended up finding out that belly dancers actually have a dance which they move with the scimitars, one balanced on their head and one which they swung around lovely. I could've made this piece more dynamic, like in pose and background, but I wanted mimicked the classic tarot card look were they seem a bit rigid and strong. While designing the piece I noticed she would have to be blindfolded, but I don't like removing eyes off my pieces because I feel the eyes connect people to the artwork. So I made her blind, with a sheer blindfold to continue the effect. The Two of Swords was about decision making, and I felt this was a true test of my ability to choose what was right.

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Artist Name: Sasha Palacio
Artist Country: US
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Company: The Art of Sasha Palacio
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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