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La fuoriclasse
My B-movie challenge entry. The main idea was to make something similar to the poster art of the Italian sexy comedies of the '70-'80 decades. The "Italian sexy comedies" are simple but quite funny movies with comedians and sexy women acting using a script full of misunderstandings and ambiguous situations. A typical topic of this genre is the betrayal, usually presenting middle-age and quite ugly men trying to court young women. Often, the leading characters are teachers and students in a high-school scenery, or sodliers and sexy nurses, but this may vary. A minor topic of these comedies was sport; of course, the main sport considered was soccer and all the professional figures of its world involved in soft-erotic, funny situations. The story of the movie "La fuoriclasse" ("She-outsider", my entry in this challenge), could be the following: Gino Quadrupedi is the coach of the unlucky minor-league, Italian soccer team named "Atletico Montagnano". One day, he discovers a very talented soccer player, playing for fun in a city park. This player is fast, smart and great in dribbling; the only problem is that the player is a very sexy girl, named Giulietta. Mr. Quadrupedi suceeds in hiring Giulietta, taking her in his team. From that point, all the males of the "Atletico Montagnano" team (coach included), will try to seduce Giulietta, in any place and in any situations. Many of them, try to spy Giulietta in the showers or in the changing room or while she trains herself in the training field. Giulietta doesn't seem to notice all these "attentions" from her fellow colleagues (she's quite ingenuous); she just thinks she's surrounded by kind and amusing people (the president of the team, the coach, the referee, the sponsor and so on, few of them are portraied in the poster). At the end, the president of the team try to kiss her in the middle of the game field during the final match of the year, but Giulietta's husband, tired of all these special attentions about his wife, will beat the president and all the team...

Copyright (C) Marco Fantechi 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Marco Fantechi
Artist Country: IT
Entered for:
Company: MeduNecer
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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