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Chain of Holy Glare
After the Morocco Age, human race begins to undergo a furious persecution from the devildom. Mankind is suffering an ever unprecedented severity caused by truceless chaos and wars. Among the negligible number of triumphs, Claustre Battle is one of the rememberable fights against the devildom human race has. In the early stage of this battle, human race actively strives for mechanical force development to counterattack the devildom, but their firepower seems to be too limited to maintain the defense. Right then, the heaven gives a hand to mankind: Angel Saint is appointed to rescue human race. He uses the “Chain of Holy Glare”-- his magical spell, controlling all the soldiers from the devildom and turning them into “Borderless Saint Guards”, to fight back the devildom. The tremendous power of “Borderless Saint Guards” makes the situation entirely turned around for mankind.

Copyright (C) Xiao Zhuangyue 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Xiao Zhuangyue
Artist Country: CN
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Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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