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Nude in motion
This work was stemmed, inspired from an old nude drawing made in my university years. The source is an anatomy study of an old gypsy woman model. I allways been fascinated by the old bodies, while drawing. It allways has been for me a more interesting subject to draw. Offering more forms, shapes, textures, depth light shadow contrast relations to discover, to explore, verses a perfect young body courves with sexual connotations. Sorte of canon in Visual Arts... No head purpose to show the body faceless beauty throught the eyes of the artist. And a subject of meditation about the female body. I exagerated wrinkling ripples, to give a more dramatic expression and surrealistic imaginery of the ageing process of a woman's body. The work was made with use of Photshop painting tools on the tablet. After creating a static basic pose, I used this digital tools, techniques, like; distortion, transparencies, repetition, and layering to add surealism and motion. But, also gradients to create haze, to softer and turn the solid and heavy appereance of this body into a sorte of aquatic or ratherly haze state of the materia.

Copyright (C) Richard Wagner 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Richard Wagner
Artist Country: CA
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Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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