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They Dance Away...
its a piece from a story i write...the part of the story is..."The trumpets sounded one last time in order to alert the remaining crowds that it is time to depart. No one really knows the exact date that the sacred city had been built. It is believed that it was created on top of an ancient metropolis that was there long before the cataclysm, even prior to the birth of the lake at that altitude. The chosen ones would have to take a specific course, over secret, untrodden sides, valleys and high mountains before they could reach the sacred city, where they would stay for three months, long enough to have been taught and acquired the rules and mentality of the wise elders. When winter would prepare to cover with its white, cold garment the whole mountain and before the lake frozes over, the trumpets would strike in order to notify the prentices for the long journey of return. The domes of the largest towers where in essence balloons, built by the elders, which detach and rise in the air carrying the insiders back to their home towns. The journey lasts up to five days and then the operators return in order to seal again the towers with their balloons and live within the frozen city until their next travel. The elders, meant to stay behind, say goodbye to the chosen ones while the colorful balloons blend along with the sky and the air almost like they ‘re dancing their own distinguished farewell dance as they draw away and get lost within the approaching clouds, ushering in the new season. "

Copyright (C) Angelos Agiostratitis 2007
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Artist Name: Angelos Agiostratitis
Artist Country: GR
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  • Adobe - Photoshop
  • Corel - Painter
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