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Lost in Swamps
"It was a well organized ambush. They weren’t expecting an attack and the warriors convoy was decimated, all of the comrades were lost in a barrage of arrows...was it only out of pure luck that he alone survived? As soon as he started running he could hear the orcs screaming while chasing him appetitive...until he reached an eerie and dark path. All of a sudden silence fell upon him, light was fading away, but he could not stop running...he had to make sure that he was no longer being followed. Now, he had to confront an even greater danger...the swamp was a sure damnation for those who weren’t aware, buried inside the sick, dark, green waters, the fog and the darkness he could sense the ugly smell of death emerging...he had to encounter his greatest fear of all...his own the painful swamps.. "

Copyright (C) Angelos Agiostratitis 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Artist Name: Angelos Agiostratitis
Artist Country: GR
Entered for:
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
  • Corel - Painter
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