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Vicit! is the word used on ancient mosaics and paintings to mark the gladiator who has won [See the famous gladiators mosaic Astyanax Vs. Kalendio]. The Gladiator portrayed is a typical Murmillo. The reconstruction is faithful and based on archaeological evidence of the props, shield, loincloth and weapons of a Murmillo: legionary gladius, legionary scutum/shield, typical helmet with crest and big eyes, lorica manica, only one short greave for the left leg [this one not visible in the image]. The Gorgon/Medousa on the Shield is from an original typical ancient Greek painting. Due to the myth about Medousa and the Shield of Athena, the image of Gorgon/Medousa was often used and carried by warriors and men-at-arms on shields or armours. The piece of cloth in the blood reminds us of ancient Greek and Roman beliefs. According to Pliny the Elder, writing about Greek writers, and other authors, the blood of a killed gladiator had pharmaceutical or magical properties, so people used to collect this blood as soon as it came out of the gladiator. Sometimes pieces of flesh or the liver of the killed gladiator were torn out to be used as a pharmaceutical remedy. A weapon used to kill a gladiator was often used to cut things during the wedding parties, because this ceremony was considered a form of blessing. All the Murmillo Props Modeled with Cinema4D. The Murmillo and the piece of cloth prepared with Poser 7. Scenery and Multipass rendering with Vue 6 Infinite. Final Composite with Photoshop. Porticodoro/SmartCgArt

Copyright (C) Leone M. Jennarelli 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Artist Name: Leone M. Jennarelli
Artist Country: IT
Entered for:
Company: Porticodoro/SmartCgArt
Software used:
  • e-on software - Vue d’Esprit
  • e-frontier - Poser
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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