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Little Mermaid Re-Imagined
I decided to illustrate the Little Mermaid, but as I am not really into mermaids I took the main idea of the story and made it mine… I might have gone a little too far though… The idea is that that in a planet already conquered by humans, a shy alien had been spying on the last human camp where only one person was left. The human would collect stones and other organic materials and load them into his ship and the alien would look amazed at how beautiful the body of this creature was. He would look for days at a time which may not have been much as the days passed a lot faster than Earth days. One day the alien finally decided he would try to make contact with the human but for that he would need a pair of legs and to look very similar to what the human looked like as he wanted to make a good impression. The alien left to build himself a suit similar to the body of the human which in reality was an astronaut’s suit, but the alien didn’t know that. The day the alien came back wearing his suit; he found the human lying on the ground, which was normal for a human after many hours of work, so the alien decided to wait, but we must remember that the alien had been gone for quite a while and he was eager to make a new friend and as patience was never one of his attributes he decided to engage. The human was friendlier than he had expected, he told him about his culture, traditions, and how he had been spying on him for such a long time while the human listened quietly. The alien feeling more comfortable asked the human if they both could dance, he had seen the human do it many times, so he picked him up from the ground and they both danced for hours… he had made a new friend. They both lived happily ever after… or at least one of them did. The END

Copyright (C) Claudio Rodriguez Valdes 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Claudio Rodriguez Valdes
Artist Country: DE
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  • Adobe - Photoshop
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