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The Supreme God
The world has been destroyed completely, and it can’t establish a new order. It is because the presence of the gods, the god of war, the god of machines, the god of peace, and so all kinds of gods in their respective areas has the absolute domination, which is directly leading divisional and rudderless situation. The world has been in a fight. About 45 billion years ago, when the world completely destroyed, there is an "egg" in whole skin. The creature of the egg is called Earth. The earth gives birth to a powerful body. When this body moves, the devastating disaster will happen on the earth. About 70 million years ago, the fetal movement resulted in all of the new century's biological extinction from the Late Cretaceous Mesozoic to Cenozoic, including the most powerful creature on the planet - dinosaurs. With its "birth" date is getting closely. The fetal movement will move more frequently than before. The 2008 Sichuan earthquake and 2011 earthquake in Japan are both indicate that this powerful body’s “expected date” is coming. 2011, "God of the year” was called by posterity. The rule of God will break the shell. The wind and the cloud formed his wings, and the magma is his blood, and the mountains are his armor, the lightning is his weapon. He has the control of the power of nature. The chaos and the in-fighting in 2012 will destroy the whole world. This year is also called the doomsday. However, the ruling of God is a natural leader and guru. He and the other gods will work together to create a new world.

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