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This was a very fast personal work. The theme of the image is Satiation - the sudden and ephemeral feeling of complete satisfaction. Like when you feel extremely thirsty and then drink a glass of water exactly at the right temperature....perfect. And then that sensation just disappears. I chose a female character in a pose somewhat erotic that would summon the idea of sudden pleasure. Inspired on the famous Venus de Milo I focused on the torso and did a scriptted fluid simulation in Realflow to get the mesh. I rendered it in 3d Studio Max 2011 and Vray using a very simple set of plane vraylights. My intention was to guide the look towards the upper right corner, focusing the most intense highlight on her face and using the motion blur to emphasize that climax. Only after that the look comes down to realize she's already disappearing.

Copyright (C) David AF 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Artist Name: David AF
Artist Country: PT
Entered for:
Software used:
  • Autodesk - 3ds Max
  • Chaos Group - VRay
  • Adobe - After Effects
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