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Egyptian Middle Kingdom Foot Soldier and Memphite Snake Magic
Portrait of an Ancient Egyptian Middle Kingdom Foot Soldier with his typical Middle Kingdom equipment faithfully reconstructed: Egyptian common linen kilt protected by a so called leather 'naval' kilt, epsilon axe with typical haft, tang MK leaf spear, shield with rawhide, wrist dagger, natural hair wig and common man typical eye and eyebrows make-up, used to protect the eyes. Foot soldiers were called nakhtu-aa, the strong-of-arm men. Egyptian copper-bronze had different colours from gold-orange to green-black, due to the various metals used: as a result, still today a correct identification can be done only through a chemical analysis. Reading the hieroglyphic inscription on the wall, we know that we are: 1. in the Memphite nome [inb hd, i.e. the white wall, was the ancient name of Memphis], 2. we are under the king Amenemhat I, who wanted the Memphite nome as province of the new capital It-taui and Memphis as the most important city in Egypt. According to Ancient Egypt belief, world is just a world full of living hieroglyphs [a belief which probably inspired Plato to develop his theory of ideas] and hieroglyphs themselves can magically come to life and live in this world. With a typical Memphite rite, the hieroglyph representing a snake was usually mutilated, in order to magically deprive the snake of its dangerous power [Institut francais d’archeologie orientale - Le Caire: BIFAO 110 art. 14, 2010, p. 24]. Equipment, soldier, Egyptian architecture elements, snake, all modeled with Cinema4D. Soldier posed with Poser. Terrain and Multipass rendering with Vue 6 Infinite. Final Composite with Photoshop. Porticodoro/SmartCgArt

Copyright (C) Leone M. Jennarelli 2007
All Rights Reserved
No unauthorised duplication or distribution without explicit permission from the copyright holder.

Artist Name: Leone M. Jennarelli
Artist Country: IT
Entered for:
Company: Porticodoro/SmartCgArt
Software used:
  • e-frontier - Poser
  • e-on software - Vue d’Esprit
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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