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Sentries of the Wyrm's Lair
For centuries, a lot has showed an inquisitive interest in finding the truth about how these secretive and shy creatures lived. Yet persecuted without reason to such an extent that they have to hide themselves away in the most remote areas of the earth ... discovering a new way to be themselves through it's limited freedom. Wyrms learned on a hearsay that strangers are coming along to wipe out their generation and to suppress their mutation. Then yet they've come to the wrong place. Amidst a war of attrition, the legendary beasts strengthened it's armed forces on sentinel duty, defensively watchful upon the uninvited.

Copyright (C) Ferdinand D. Ladera 2007
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Artist Name: Ferdinand D. Ladera
Artist Country: PH
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Company: LadyLuck Digital Media
Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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