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Facial Architect
The arc of stone faces tries to capture the social caste commonly found in many cultures. On the top a face boasts its authoritative chin and high impatient nose, and is happily supported by the disgruntled lower classes. I tried to show emotions from various social classes in an exaggerated way, and placed them in a crumbling arc-the fall of society from moral decay. The arc is falling, yet they still gaze outwardly, each dreaming on their own ambitious goals, and never caring to look back to the others who support the society. Moreover, they are all turned away from the barren dilapidated earth, the nature which was once lush and lively. The image is to remind how we should be conscious that we are components that constitute and depend upon a greater system. The world would be a better place if we see others not as enemies, but as colleagues in the same community.

Copyright (C) Jason Yang 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Jason Yang
Artist Country: TW
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Software used:
  • Autodesk - 3ds Max
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