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Mother and Cub
Mother and Cub by Barbara Jo Hall Painter IX I had taken pictures with my digital SLR of a mother lion and her cub at our local zoo. Using the original picture as my guideline, I sketched the lions using pencils on my first layer. Then sampling colours from my original picture using the colour pick tool, I filled in the lion and cub using blender brushes from the artists oils tools. I added “blobs” of main and secondary colors using the blender brush. No longer adding color, I blended the colors into highlights and shadows. (Artist’s Oils/Blender Palette Knife). The finished result of this blending was a very smooth and flowing mixture of color. Using the 2B and Mechanical PENCIL tools, I added detail to the lions’ fur. I used a mixture of contrasting color and tints/shades of the same colors to do so. I did various levels of this on additional layers. At this point, I also added other details such as the lions’ noses and eyes using a blender brush/blender palette knife. To create highlights, I used an Airbrush tool… Digital Airbrush. The original background was of the lions sitting near a log in their cage at the zoo but I felt they deserved a more open setting. Thus, using digital watercolor, I placed then overlooking an African savannah. I laid a base layer of watercolor using a wash brush. I used a gradation of color to achieve some dimension. I then added an additional layer of watercolor to glaze and enhance the base layer. I “dried” these layers before combining them. I added the rocks in front of the lions by again adding artists oils and blended dark and light. To achieve some depth in the rock, I burned and dodged using Photo tools. I dropped layers of the background savannah and I grouped then collapsed layers of the lions. I cleaned up the edges of the lions before dropping them onto the background then saving the finished result.

Copyright (C) Barbara Jo Hall 2007
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Artist Name: Barbara Jo Hall
Artist Country: CA
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Software used:
  • Corel - Painter
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