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Power Unleashed
Power Unleashed by Barbara Jo Hall Digital Image, “remastered” in Corel Painter IX This image was created using clone techniques as well as blending. The original picture was taken using my Pentax digital SLR at a motorcycle race day. I liked the layout of the picture and imagined these riders simply “out on the road” enjoying the speed and power of their bikes. I created the background first, being a little more liberal with the roadway and eliminating the corner shed in the background of the original photo. Rather than using the built in cloner brushes, I decided to use the wash brush from the digital watercolor tools. I “rubber stamped” using a created brush “dab” or brush shape. To create something difference looking for the bikes’ bottom layer, I used one of the built in cloners… the watercolor cloner. It created droplets of color which act as a “blur” once other layers are added on top. To give a little more detail to the trackside grass, I VERY lightly soft cloned in some of the original photo’s detail. I softened and made that layer more transparent before dropping it. I added another watercolor layer (digital) in which I rubber stamped the original image, this time using the wash brush in straight, short strokes in the directions that the tires, bike frame, rider arms and legs have their greatest length. Next layer: using pepper spray from the Airbrush tools, I rubberstamped bits of detail into the riders/bikes. I did not completely cover them… I wanted some of the first two layers to have dominance. Finally, I smeared and smudged the background to give it a “motion blur” kind of look. I dropped layers one by one and when everything was finally dropped, I touched up some definite problem spots. I didn’t overdo this since I wanted more of a raw look. Last touchups were a white digital airbrush which emphasized the light spots, namely the helmets and the windshields.

Copyright (C) Barbara Jo Hall 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Barbara Jo Hall
Artist Country: CA
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Software used:
  • Corel - Painter
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