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EOS Mars Program: Aquaculture Unit
A Tilapia fish-farm unit on Mars. Tilapia Niloticus has been cultivated as a farmed fish over a period going back to Egyptian times. Its name means ‘fish of the Nile’. It is widely cultivated on Earth across many cultures. Consumption in the USA has risen by 35% per year, for almost the whole last decade. It is the sixth most popular seafood in that country. It would certainly be an admirable partner in any outward exploration into space, adding tasty variety to the daily diet. It has the advantage of being self-sustaining as a source of food.

Copyright (C) Jan Kaliciak 2007
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Artist Name: Jan Kaliciak
Artist Country: GB
Entered for:
Company: Creative Graphic Arts
Software used:
  • Strata - Strata 3D Pro
  • e-frontier - Poser
  • DAZ Productions. - Bryce
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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