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EOS Mars Program: Habitat 5West42
Five habitat cylinders embedded a couple of metres underground, connected by a pressurised atrium, which itself is connected by tunnel to a communication node. These nodes form an underground network linking the different habitat clusters. External airlocks append from tunnels and nodes. The whole complex would be excavated out and a basic concrete shell constructed. Habitat subunits lowered into place, would be then bolted onto the shell externally, and those excavations backfilled with regolith. Heavy duty fittings would be dropped into the atrium and fitted before final installation and sealing of the roof, followed by full pressurisation. Subsurface protection with a depth of regolith offers impact resistance from meteorites, and variable levels of potentially lethal ionising radiation. Although the atrium is more exposed, its outer roof has protective deflector plates below a further top layer of solar panels, and each individual habitat is integrally sealed with its own airlock. Decompression of the atrium would not hazard the whole community. Each habitat cylinder is also structurally reinforced to withstand the ground shock of all but a direct hit from a meteorite.

Copyright (C) Jan Kaliciak 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Jan Kaliciak
Artist Country: GB
Entered for:
Company: Creative Graphic Arts
Software used:
  • Strata - Strata 3D Pro
  • e-frontier - Poser
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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