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EOS Mars Program: Containerised System
Ruggedised modular containerised supply system. Smaller multibox frames can be pressurised for delivery of perishables or items subject to damage in low bar pressure eg: lighting tubes, medicines, food, or sealed plastic pack items. Larger tanks can be moved around to provide bulk storage at gas synthesis sites, coupling directly into the various processing landers gas lines, and also used as fuel tankers when wheeled around by straddle carriers, to refuel spacecraft. These can all be carried by airship for outreach delivery. Hard box containers carry unpressurised materials and equipment that need only minimum protection from environment. All transport and pressure vessels are carefully colour-coded to avoid potentially fatal confusions in what is a one-chance only environment: blue would indicate water; yellow, hydrogen; dark red, methane; green, oxygen; black, carbon dioxide; silver, breathing-air mix.

Copyright (C) Jan Kaliciak 2007
All Rights Reserved
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Artist Name: Jan Kaliciak
Artist Country: GB
Entered for:
Company: Creative Graphic Arts
Software used:
  • Strata - Strata 3D Pro
  • e-frontier - Poser
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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