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Thanaus, The ArchWizard of Storm
Unlike popular belief, Thanaus is not an Angel of Storms, which commands the Winds, but rather the eldest of the air elementals and also their king; Although his body has no subtance and can take any shape, he must wear a ceremonial armor that makes him able to summon his general, when in need. Thanaus likes to fight with Kadusha, a staff that is said to have been forged by The Gods themselves in ancient times; And when raw strength or combat prowess is not enough, he aids himself with the strongest air magic the world has ever seen; It is said that his thunders can kill entire armies. Together with his General, a wise white dragon called Flaeiss in the tongue of humans, and his kin, he watches over the skies, undisturbed by the constant turmoil beneath his realm. Rarely does he involve in any battle, but when he does, there is no mortal race that can challenge his power.

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Artist Name: Tiberius Viris
Artist Country: RO
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