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The Suicide
I came to this concept after reading a psichopathology treaty with a large section dedicated to scientific clasifications of the suicidal act. The main idea was to depict this without actually pictureing it. But for the title, who would actually think of "suicide"? Some suggested that this picture could be as well called "The Wedding". In some cultures, wedding and death meet at some points (virgins are burried wearing a wedding dress and veil). The dress is really a wedding dress from the 80's. The crow may as well be the haunting soul or, in another interpretation, the one who commits the suicide, heading to the sharp branch. The dress might be ghostly, but it might, as well, have been hung... in an unappropriate place. The shape of the tree branches as raising arms isn't accidental either.

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Artist Name: Madalina Iordache-Levay
Artist Country: US
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