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A Temporary Thing
This piece is created to convey something of the uncertainty of young life. A whole life ahead of you is a lot to come to terms with. The palette is chosen to keep the piece bare, pure and to focus on power in form rather then colour. The work has been intentionally left very sparse with the chest area left stark to draw the eye and highlight the tension created between the boys defiant stare and his nervous hand picking at the wall. The intention is to invoke an ambiguous sense of fear and nervousness contrasted against the strong defiant gaze of the boy. The uncertainty of this boys future I tried to highlight further buy showing his low social status through his clothes and condition. Less obviously as a bit of an aside I placed him against a backdrop of a scene involving the young Buddha, who grew up as a wealthy prince surrounded by all the comforts and beauty of the world, only to turn his back on worldly possessions in search of a higher cause. This story has a lot more depth but the intention was to show that basically its an uncertain life.

Copyright (C) Jamie O'Connell 2007
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Artist Name: Jamie O'Connell
Artist Country: AU
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Software used:
  • Adobe - Photoshop
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